“ MY PERSONAL STORY” by Beryl Brenner

- eplores the wide range of humnan emotion on glass


My Personal Story

Artist Statement

I often produce my artwork as a vehicle for the creative self-expression of my thoughts and feelings. The artwork in "My Personal Story" explores the wide range of human emotions that I have experienced. It is a psychological roller coaster with all the appropriate highs and lows. I use the heart as a symbol of the emotions because it is universal. The love and the hate, the joy and the sorrow, the passion and the numbness, the strength and the weakness are all endemic to my life and to the general human condition. We are all at the mercy of our feelings, whether we like it or not.

Glass presents an arduous challenge for the interpretation of this concept. It is cold and hard, so it is not normally utilized as a visual mechanism for the communication of oneís emotions. Yet, glass is irresistible.  You cannot take your eyes off of it. Glass art makes powerful visual statements. Thus it is rendered an appropriate material for the interpretation of the powerful emotional statements that I have tried to make in "My Personal Story".

Beryl Brenner

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