An exhibition exploring contemporary perceptions into
the iconography of myth and religion

Opening Reception SATURDAY,  DECEMBER  6TH, 2003 /  4:00 — 7:00 PM

DECEMBER  6 - 28, 2003

Miguel Tio

Miguel Tio',  "The Annunciation"
oil on canvas, 70"x50",  2003

Robin Gaynes-Bachman

Robin Gaynes-Bachman, "Krishna"
69 1/2" x 52" oil on canvas, 2001

Hochi Asiatico

Hochi Asiatico,  "Santa Barbara / Chango'"
charcoal & pastel on paper, 60"x48", 2003

Irene Christensen

Irene Christensen, "Long Balmy Days"
40"x48" oil on linen

Richard W. Hatter

Richard W. Hatter, "Creation"
oil, acrylic on canvas, 48" x 60"

C Bangs, "Asherah Gaia"

C Bangs, "Gaia II" (Shekinah)
oil, 50"x40"

Troy C. Frantz

Troy C. Frantz, "Karma Pakshi Tryptych"
Conte Crayons, Charcoal on paper
Each section 30 x 40 inches


Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez,  "Shame ... result"
(Expulsion from Paradise)
oil on canvas, 36" X 42", 2003


God is not merely all that exists, but the infinite actuality of all that is possible — Nicholas of Cusa

SACRED ART has a formidable history, weaving a vast and complex tapestry across the great architecture of the societal experience, and in modern times as in the ancient, living artists must make their contribution to the fabric.

FORMS OF DIVINITY is an exhibition which examines the dimensions of art in religion and sacred legend through a contemporary lens. Curated by James Pinney, the works of fifteen artists from studios in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey, will demonstrate the sublimity of the sacred subject through the admonition stated by the 19th century French poet and critic, Charles Baudelaire, that spiritual art to be authentic must be imbued with a subtle 'euphoria in sacred time,' and can only be achieved by the creative process of "...extracting poetry from sacred history, and distilling the eternal from the transitory..." The iconography of these spiritual experiences promise to be creative and varietal; Buddhism, Hinduism, Santeria, Christianity, Norse paganism, and Goddess worship, are enthusiastically and uniquely explored.

Hochi Asiatico, C Bangs, Irene Christensen, Conradin, Troy C. Frantz, Robin Gaynes-Bachman, Peter Harvey, Richard W. Hatter, Miguel Hernandez, Ragnar Naess, James Seffens, Solin / Iacone, Teriananda, Miguel Tio'

These artists have wrested thematic variations of spiritual and sacred motifs from the deep reservoir of rich and expressive inspirations — lyrical, compelling, and often disturbingly enigmatic. They are willing to validate their personal voices against the conservative rife of religious extremism which has become the tone of our time. FORMS OF DIVINITY willingly brings this art work to a crossroad where dogmatic norms are questioned, opening a dialogue with it's viewers which will rethink and broaden the aesthetics of sacred art, restoring its genuine purpose to the therapeutic contemplation and ecstatic jubilation which is its want.

SATURDAY,  DECEMBER  6TH, 2003 /  4:00 — 7:00 PM
Enjoy the contemporary sound of
Featuring: John Blue, Cello & Electronics
And Che Chen, Bass Clarinet


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