Seven New Exhibits for the Holiday Season
December 7 - 29, 2002

Opening Receptions Saturday December 7th, 4-6 P.M.


The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center will be hosting a special exhibition of Brooklyn Quilters and Fiber Artists in December. The show will include works by Sandy Benjamin-Hannibal, Debbie Breckenridge, Margaret Cusack, Dori Dietz, Kirsten Fisher, Boniya Wetmore Frank, Myrah Brown Green, Gurusurya Kaur Khalsa, Janet Lee, Ruth Marchese, Helena Neeseman, Diana Goulston Robinson, Mary Louise Smith and Judy Speezak. Organized by Waterfront Quilters Kirsten Fisher and Bonnie Frank. The organizers view this as an opportunity to highlight both the evolution of this traditional American handcraft and the influence of the contemporary art scene.

The venue could not be more appropriate. The not-for-profit WAH Center was founded by artist Yuko Nii. The building is a landmark structure in one of Brooklyn's historic districts dating back to 1867. The WAH Center serves the general public, as well as an ever-expanding community of artists in North Brooklyn and beyond by presenting art exhibitions, performances and cultural events of special interest.


Jonathan Berger


Eric Edelman


Jane Freeman


Susan Leopold

Four unique artists, Jonathan Berger, Eric Edelman, Jane Freeman, and Susan Leopold, present their work at the Center in a show that seems especially appropriate for the holiday season. Minature rooms and dollhouses have always held an appeal for persons of every age, sex and ethnicity. The creations in this show are not only rooms, but also undersized structures and assemblies requiring an oversized imagination, and they reach beyond ordinary conceptions normally seen in shows of miniature rooms. This show is for anyone interested in, as Calder said of making miniatures, engaging in “a little private celebration.” The varied points of view in this show are fascinating little adventures. The miniatures in this show give us a sense of childlike wonder, which is what the holiday season is all about.


Maureen Cummins
will show work-in-progress from an upcoming edition of artists books entitled “Far Rockaway.” The project was inspired by the discovery of one side of a romantic correspondence between two men, which took place at the beginning of the twentieth century. The little book refers to the seaside where the two lovers enjoyed clandestine rendezvous.


Roswitha Steinkopf
has been treading the by-ways of Williamsburg and other artist‚s enclaves in search of answers to that perplexing question, “What is Art.” Providing 8 X 8 inches white boards with the word “ART” stamped at the top, she provides a magic marker for the respondent to continue with their answer:, etc.”

The results have been as varied as one can imagine and they will be on display for the first time at the WAH Center. Anyone who attends the show will be encouraged to write their response and be included in a growing show which will travel to other venues.


Twenty one local artists were asked to submit works not exceeding 21 inches framed in any direction. This is another fascinating look at art produced in what Let’s Go Travel Magazine called in October 2002 the “Williamsburg Artists Mecca” at its “Epicenter (the WAH Center)” Artists included are Gerard Barbot, Noa Bornstein, Brenda Bradley, Irene Christensen, Michael Cuomo, Cindy Gatto, Jan Hoogenboom, P.M. Laura, Laurie Lea, Nancy Lunsford, Bix Lye, Seren Morey, Bill Nogosek, Farah Salehi, Gail Shamchenko, Carrie Skoczek, Toshiko Tochihara, Marsha Trattner, Jenny Walty, Paul Wirhun, Takeshi Yamada.


Williamsburg has perhaps the greatest variety of art activities in any community in the world. One of its interesting operations is the Mudpit. Here is a chance to get a look at the unique artistry of Cindy Gatto and Mark Petrin in the context of the broader Williamsburg artists exhibition.


Art for the Season
Brooklyn artists featured at Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn (dates of show and reception to be announced later)

All shows made possible in part by grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, The Independence Community Foundation , Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, The Brooklyn Arts Council, Con Edison, Signature Bank, and Verizon

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