Opening Reception Sat. 9/7/02 4-6 P.M.

UNITY CANVAS organized by Nilda Mesa
300 artists respond to the World Trade Center disaster. The Unity Canvas is an artist-to-artist, New York-based, collective response to the tragedy of 9/11 and the times we live in. Artists submitted 12-inch squares of unstretched canvas, in any medium they chose (e.g., paint, digital, embroidery). Word about the project spread on the internet and through word of mouth. The pieces reflect the artists' responses to 9/11 and all its horror, sadness, anger and grief, as well as the times since. About 300 pieces have been received so far from every region of the United States, as well as all over the world. Some of the other countries represented include Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia and Spain. The project has received fiscal sponsorship from the New York Foundation of the Arts.

WORLD PEACE with Daniel Borlandelli, Linda Chido, Ed Coppola, “Liberty George” Dukov, Melina Finkelstein, Milton Fletcher, David Griffin, Sheryl Humphrey, Edward Monovich, Vivian Nantel, Yuko Nii, Dean Radinovsky, Liane Ricci, Tasneem Shahzad, Jaswant Singh, James Smith, Gary Spradling, Tattfoo Tan, Miguel Tio, Eric Weil, Phyllis Yampolsky

black & white photography by Randi Barros

9.11.02 TOWN HALL WALL, organized by Phyllis Yampolsky
a visual forum to find out what a community of people “large or small” think about an issue “large or small”

TIME CAPSULES organized by Zipporah Lax
Public is invited to contribute “memory jars” relating to the tragedy of 9/11

Digital/video & computer artists address social identities, informal mediums and events with Elizabeth Cohen, Heung-Ma-Kim, Sung Soo Kim, Kristine Marx, Sherry Mayo, Leah Oates, Rachel Owens

The works in "Parallel World of Sensation" address social identities, informal mediums, and events. Not only through their physicality, but also through the overcoming of their own physical limitations, the works exist in a state of flux between virtuality and actuality (or-- between the virtual and the real). The artists in this exhibition, intrigued by both process and perception, have manifested their ideas in various new forms. The artists move beyond simple definitions of art forms to investigate the world. Formal means and value systems are presented not as hierarchical, but in co-existence with one another. Although time and site are important components in the pieces, the works reach beyond the physicality of the space as they define a new situation -- a world parallel to that of sensation.

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