MAY 4 thru 26, 2002     Reception Sat. May 4th, 4-6 P.M.


Laura Blereau, Kevin Brady, Jonna Rae Brinkman, Jee-Hee Byun, Jennifer Lynn Clarke, Casson Demmon, Andrew Dunn, Theodora Economou, Gastao Frota, John Hawke, Dimitris Ioannou, Seong-Bok Jang, Hope Kozluca, Sangmin Lee, Martin Lennon, Joe Levickas, Chia Chen Lin, Denise McMorrow, Mathew Miller, Leyla Modirzadeh, Natan Moss, Jungha Noh, Yaeli Ohana,Tom O'Neill, Jen Osborne, Billy Parrott, Larissa Patel, Joanne Patterson, Pam Quimby, Raha Raissnia, Francesca Roheo, Ben Schachter, Jun-joo Shin, Shinobu, Suzuki, Yasemin Nur Toskoy, Yasuko Tsukamoto, Brynna K. Tucker, Rebecca Wasserman, Mike Whiting, Sunlee Yoon, Youngrim Yoon


Installation of handmade dolls  - "doing something simple in our daily life"
by Maki Yamamoto

Maki Yamamoto dolls

"Modern life, as we have been living it, has become convenient with the computer and all the other high technology, and nowadays it is easy to get all the information we want. This is supposed to make our lives comfortable, but in fact it is the other way around. It seems like it is more difficult to communicate and have a simple relationship with people.

"The most important thing is for human beings used to having the simplest life, but it is getting difficult to live that way.

"The dolls are doing something simple, like reading a book, relaxing, having a cup of tea, bit they are made of mixed-up fabric, which seems like a nerve or a cell.

"The persons in the work on canvas are thinking about something emotional.

"In my work, people are hoping to have an ordinary life!" Maki


abstract paintings by Brandon Miller

"The selected art works are from a period of art making beginning in Winter 1999 and ending in Winter 2001. The three pieces chosen represent the beginning, the middle, and the end of this time period.

"Animamereyekana is about how discovering mind through painting turned into a study of America and the movement of daily American life.

"Having had no formal training as an artist I was introduced to the arts through a mentor who provided me with intimate exposure to Modern Art. I extend my thanks to him today, as well as, to Yuko for her wonderful WAH creation and historic preservation." - Brandon

Brandon Miller painting
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