Perspectives: An Exhibition of the Belsky Art Society

Saturday, June 1, through Sunday, June 30, 2002
Opening reception: June 1, 2002 - 4-7 PM.

Featured artists are Orin Buck, Mark Carter, Jonathan Lubin, Doreen Perrine, A. Santiago, Kay Towns, Elizabeth Tranzillo and Richard J. Treitner.

Miguel Tio will be featured in the first floor solo gallery through his painting series, "Memories and Dreams."

Perspectives is an exhibition by artists in the community of gay men, lesbians, and the bisexual and transgendered population. This exhibition is fostered in the belief that these artists stand in a unique position to express creative viewpoints on the human experience. Both poignancy and humor play a significant role in the lifestyles and experiences of these artists and translate into the unusually honest, "close-to-the-bone" urgency of their creative work. Through Perspectives, we seek to broaden the social vista through imaginative insight into the faith, pathos, and angst of human travail by exploring themes of conflict and transformation.

Scenes from the Lives and Deaths                       of Ken, Number 70

"Scenes from the Lives and Deaths of Ken, Number 70," Jonathan D. Lubin


Belsky Art Society was founded in 1993 to advocate for and promote the work of professional artists who are underrepresented in the art world. Women, artists of color, gay artists, and artists with disabilties who tend to remain without full inclusion are recognized as capable of unique vision, contributing a well-rounded scope to the development of an integrated artistic community. Belksy Art Society's mission is to nurture and celebrate their creative success.

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