digital/video installations curated by Sung Soo Kim

Opening reception: Sept. 7 Saturday 4-6 pm
Kristine Marx
Leah Oates
Sherry Mayo
Heung mo Kim
Rachel Owen
Elizabeth Cohen
Sungsoo Kim


Leah Oates "Paradura 3" (paradise durations 3)


Sungsoo Kim "Parallel Sensation In the Bathroom"


The works in "Parallel World of Sensation" address social identities, informal mediums, and events. Not only through their physicality, but also through the overcoming of their own physical limitations, the works exist in a state of flux between virtuality and actuality (or, between the virtual and the real). The artists in this exhibition, intrigued by both process and perception, have manifested their ideas in various new forms. The artists move beyond simple definitions of art forms to investigate the world. Formal means and value systems are presented not as hierarchical, but in co-existence with one another. Although time and site are important components in the pieces, the works reach beyond the physicality of the space as they define a new situation -- a world parallel to that of sensation.

Critical Essay by Debra Steckler
Press Release Writing by Kristine Marx

#1) Elizabeth Cohen
Numbers, 1997, Produced and Directed by Elizabeth Cohen and Michael Talley, RT: 11:30
In the videotape Numbers people reflect the forces at work in our current environment, testing their circuitry as they remain continuously in training. As they arrive on camera they respond to the call of numbers and attempt to reconfigure their bodies accordingly.

#2) Heung mo Kim
"Lost Memory"
Newspaper, White Powder, TV Monitor, White Fabric --------- Installation

#3) Kristine Marx
Inbetween Room, 2002, video still from installation video projection, plexiglass, wood

#4) Leah Oates
The title for the works in the show (which will be 3 light boxes mounted on the wall) is Paradura 3... a composite word of paradise durations.

#5) Artist - S.MAYO © 2001
Narrator - Ellen Staller
TRT: 00:04:48:08
Installation: 9x7 DaTex rear screen projection split screen, (2) Proxima Projectors, 2 DVD channel synchronized digital video with surround sound. The emphasis is on refusing sensual fusion for the viewer the left and right eye channels will receive an image on the left and then the right. Meanwhile the ear will receive its aural data in a semi-circle bouncing from one speaker to another. Image and sound moves through space and time and so does Cubic Zirconium around the viewer. This piece was shot using Hi-8 and a Sony VX1000 DV cam. Sound was recorded in a whisper room with a Protools station on the Mac platform. All post-production was accomplished in Final Cut Pro 2.0. This installation entails (2) Pioneer DVD 7400 decks with RS232 i/o and DVD 2-Play synch box from DJ Design. Speakers include (2) sets of Harmon Kardon sound sticks and (1) sound woofer. Sound is designed to be localized and contained. The entire scale of this installation is 10x10x10 feet.

#6) Sungsoo Kim
"Parallel Sensation In the Bathroom"
10" flat TV monitor color video installation

#7) Rachel Owens
Airborne: Reclaiming Flight, 2002
Color Video Projection

Made possible in part by grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Independence Community Foundation
and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

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