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Tales from the Horticultural Society

Little Horrors

The Last Dodo


Lindall's Tales from the Horticultural Society, plus Matt Gubler's short comic films "Little Horrors," for which he has recently received several awards, plus, from Cinema VII, the great surrealist creator of "Mad, Mad Musicals" Peter Dizozza's film, "The Last Dodo."

"Jim Boyle could hear once more the scraping sound from under the bridge. There was an opening between the mouth of the bridge and the dense brush of the bank and Jim could see some of what was coming forth. The smell of rotted flesh preceded it..." from Episode one of Lindall's "The Night Pruner."

Terrance Lindall once worked at the Horticultural Society of New York, an old Eastern Society institution. Being utterly bored with the job and known for a vivid imagination and sense of satire, he created in his own mind a Society that might interest others who enjoy high comedy at the expense of the upper class. Therewith he began writing his 'tales."

Here is what one board member said of the final work...

"Lurid...seriously lacking in good judgment...tasteless...derogatory and disloyal!" N.E.

Can there be any greater recommendations that these are tales that must be heard!!!!

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