Feb. 17- Mar. 4th, 2001
Reception Feb. 17, 4-6 P.M.

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LIGHTS, HUES & SHADOWS, two person photography show with Patricia Peticolas & Suzanne Rubinstein 2nd Floor Small Gallery

SILKSCREENS OF CHIYU UEMAE 1980-Present 1st Floor Small Gallery

Central Asia is a dreamland of cultural diversity with enormous natural resources, enchanting scenic beauty and home to one of the world's oldest civilizations. The land of Ghengis Khan had remained in recent years part of the Soviet Empire until its fall in 1991. Afterward, Central Asia emerged in the shape of six independent countries, one being Turkmenistan in southwest Central Asia north of the Kopetdog Mountains, with the Caspian sea to the west and then the Amu-Darya River to the east.. Turkmenistan has an area of 488,000 square kilometers and a population of 4.5 million people. Yet it has great economic potential with an abundance of natural resources such as oil, gas, sulfur, potassium and rock salt. In terms of gas production, Turkmenistan ranks fourth in the world after Russia, the USA and Canada.

Mirza Azam Baig is a business representative and publisher from Pakistan who went to Uzbekistan in 1992, after the Soviet disintegration, promoting trade & tourism there. In 1995 he went to Turkmenistan to put out a special report in the "Monthly Diplomat" to highlight trade & tourism in this new state. In 1996 he compiled a book on this subject entitled "Turkmenistan Today." Since then he has worked in support of Turkmenistan agricultural & industrial initiatives, scholarship & public education. In October 2000, Mr. Baig arranged for the first ever painting exhibition from Turkmenistan in America at the United Nations Plaza in New York City.


Atta Akieff is an artist who is familiar to all those who have looked into the world of Turkmenistan contemporary art. In 1975 he firmly established himself when his art works went on display in Moscow, which brought him wide popular appeal. Beside numerous showings in Turkmenistan , he has been in shows around the world, including Moscow, Minsk, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, Denmark Africa, Norway and Pakistan.

Allamurat Muhammadov is one of those few distinguished artists of Turkmenistan who enjoys enviable international fame and respect. His works adorn the State Museum of Turkmenistan, The East Museum, The Tretiakov Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Arts in Moscow, and the Gallery of Bernard Fili. His works are in many private and public collections in Turkey, Germany, the USA, Poland, and elsewhere. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Europe, Asia and around the world.

LIGHTS, HUES & SHADOWS, two person photography show

2nd Floor Small Gallery
Patricia Peticolas & Suzanne Rubinstein are unique and strong photographers working with dramatic and abstract natural light events in the urban landscape.

1st Floor Small Gallery
Mr. Chiyu Uemae, was born in Kyoto in 1920. He was a member of the famous avante garde group "Gutai" in the 1950's. His paintings and works of art are represented in major Japanese Museums. This is an opportunity outside of Japan to see some of the small works of this highly regarded non-traditonal contemporary Japanese artist.

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