Works of art in the permanent collection plus new works by artists represented in the collection

June 9th thru July 1st 2001 Recept. June 9th, 4-6 P.M.

Over the past four and one half years, The WAH Center has produced over 65 shows with many hundreds of artists. We have methodically developed a collection of the artists showing at the WAH Center, local, national and international, at this time of historic growth and worldwide recognition of our art community. While many works have been kindly donated, some have been purchased with what modest sums we were able to afford. It has been a delightful duty to build a collection from these shows. And it has been an even more delightful duty to put our shows together. We have decided to show the public what we have been pleased to acquire, but only that portion of the collection represented by artists who are able to bring in more recent works to supplement their works owned by the WAH Center. Many more works remain in storage to be shown in the future.

Chris O'Brien

Kazumi Aragane, Atta Akief, Gerard Barbot, Janya Barlow,Daniel Borlandelli, Brenda Bradley, Orin Buck, Hildy Burns, Gulsen Calik, Christine Irene Cotter, Larisa Deckermandhi, Matthew Deleget, Sandra DeSando, Elizabeth Duffy, Jennifer Formica, Richard Fox, Jerry Frank, Gail Godber, Karl Godber, Gilbert Gonzalez, Mark Goodkin, John Gorden, Amin Gulgee, Jerry Gunn, Samia Halaby, Bill Hall, Allen Henriquez, Brian Hiott, Virginia Hoge, Richard Humann, Sheryl Humphrey, Naoki Iwakawa, Gerald Johnson, Nomi Joy, Whitney Kalke, George Korechoff, Manya Kotlin,Nancy Lunsford, Ernest Marciano, Rossana Martinez, Wayne Meiggs, Allamurat Muhammadov, Chris O'Brien, James Pinney, Patricia Peticolas, Carol Quint, John Rae, Dean Radinovsky, Riv, Marie Roberts, Jacques Roch, Mary Roth, Robert Sagerman, Farah Salehi, Masaaki Sato, William Schaff, Jeff Shapiro, Shungo Shimizu, Yuri Shimojo, Carrie Skoczek, Gi Te, Lars Westvind, C.Y. Wilder, Patricia Zerate

ll fine art & performance programs this year supported in part by grants from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden, City Councilman Ken Fisher, Fifth Floor Foundation, Peco Foundation and numerous private donors, Special Thanks to Governor George Pataki