June 10th thru July 2, 2000
Opening Reception June 10, 4-6 P.M.
Performances To Be Announced
(Dance, Music, Readings)

Yaddo is a remarkable artists' retreat founded by Spencer & Katrina Trask in 1900 and has had many outstanding guest artists over the century. Its fine artists, photographers, writers, composers & musicians, choreographers, filmmakers, & video artists, etc., have won 52 Pulitzer Prizes, 52 National Book Awards, and countless other honors. Yuko Nii, the Founder & Artistic Director of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center was twice recipient of a Yaddo Residency and is pleased to present this show of 70 Yaddo artists from recent years for a special reunion. These artists work in various media including painting, drawing, photography, prints, collage, assemblage, sculpture, installation & video.

The artists in the show:
Roberta Allen, Desiree Alvarez, Arthur Anderson, Fran Antmann, Peggy Bates, Nancy Beal, Helen Beckman, Susan Bee, Niki Berg, Carole Bolger, Isabel C. Borgatta, Nancy Brett, Joanne Brockley, Marvin Brown, Joel Carreiro, Nicole Carstens, Benigna Chilla, Diane Churchill, Cora Cohen, Thomas Colbert, Brien Coleman, Eugene Constan, Patricia Dahlman, Katherine Denzinger, Devin Dougherty, Sydney Drum, Elizabeth Duffy, Barbara Ellmann, Laura Foreman, Joan Giordano, Ronald Gonzalez, Tamara Gonzales, Barbara Goodstein, Julie Gross, Kathy Grove, Jolie Guy, David Hendricks, William Hudders, Asia Ingalls, Mona Jimenez, Maja Kihlstedt, Ellen Kozak, Harry Leigh, Marion Lerner-Levine, Ginger Levant, Ann Deborah Levy, Shawne Major, Rochelle Marmorek, Wendy Mark, Grace Markman, Diane Nerwen, Yuko Nii, Nancy Olivier, Francis O'Shea, Nancy Rielle, Martin Ries, Christopher Romer, Andra Samelson, Carla Shapiro, Linda Schrank, Arlene Schulman, Carol Schwarzman, Sharon Smith, Elizabeth Terhune, Rasa Valado, Jill Viney, Jean M. Vong, Megan J. Walch, Mary J. Waid, Joy Walker, Derek Weiler, Fargo D. Whitman

Sample Works
View paintings by clicking on name. A new window will open.

"Amazon" by Niki Berg, Silver print 12 X 12 in.

"Maya" by Isabel Case Borgatta, Marble 27 X 9 X 9

"Rotating Circle" by Benigna Chilla, Intagglio Print, 18 X 25 X 2

"Replacement of Leaves" by Cora Cohen, Acrylic, oil, polyurithane on muslin, 69 X 71

"Untitled #5" by Elizabeth Duffy, Paper, wire, mesh, 15 X 9 X 4

"Dancers #3" by Joan Giordano, Copper cable sculpture, 26 X 12 X 6

"Flag Day at Covered Bridge" by Barbara Goodstein, Latex.
plaster on board, wood, ceramic, cloth plaster, 26 X 24 X 1.75

"N.Y. 4" by David Hendricks, Pencil/Paper, 61 X 107

"Night Plant" by Bill Hudders, Oil/canvas, 50 X 44

"Fruit" by Ginger Levant, oil/canvas, 16 X 20

"Heart & Kisses" by Shawne Major, cloth. paper, gum, hair, beads,
62 X 50 X 6

"Time to Go Back II" by Wendy Mark, Monotype print, 6 X 6

"Flowers II" by Rochelle Marmorek, photo 9 X 9.5

"Looking Upward" by Joan Waid, Pastel/paper, 30 X 22.5

"Day & Night" by Tamara Gonzales, Installation, 8 ft X 6 ft

"Mater/Mumma's Shadow & What Used to be There" by Fargo D. Whitman, 12 X 12 X 10

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