Panel Discussion with the Featured Artists of the Show

Saturday February 8, 2014, 4PM

Ana de la Cueva, Gavin Gewecke, Nathalie Guarracino, Suzanne Laura Kammin, Franklin Perkins, Marton RomVari, Dora Tomulic, Osvaldo Valdes, Kati Vilim.

Discussion moderated by Tom McGlynn

Show curated by Eniko Imre

While Art Basel was taking over Miami, ‘Abstract Tapestry,’ an exploration of contemporary paintings, opened at the magnificent WAH Center, packing the large historic venue with art lovers who braved the winter chills for a Brooklyn celebration of art and paintings. Three of the artists flew back from Miami just in time to join the revelry.

Curator Eniko Imre has created an intriguing web of works, by beginning with three artists and inviting them to select others – whose work they found relevant and thought provoking. Although the exhibition focuses on abstract with traditional materials, the outcome is very eclectic and nuanced, creating a rare occasion to observe the diverse state of abstract painting techniques today and helps trace the lines of influence from early abstract experiments through pop-art into our digital age.

The panel will discuss techniques, themes and current state of abstract. How does an artist deal with the constant anxiety of influence? How do they overcome the preoccupation of branding and marketing demands?

abstract art

Ana de la Cueva

abstract art

Kati Vilim

abstract art

Dora Tomulic