The Grand Harvest Musical Celebration

Three Groups!

Saturday, December 1, 2012 @ 8 PM

Admission: $15

A Sonic Stereoscopic Space-Time Performance Work
Recovering Lost Architectural & Cinematic Volumes of Lower Manhattan (1903-2012)

Grand Harvest concert

Jason Smeltzer  - Theremin, Wayne Smith     -  Piano, Robert Bowen   -  Moving Pictures

Traditionally silent film was accompanied by piano.  The theremin was originally designed as a proximity sensor, and for that reason it is the ideal instrument for expanding our perception of architectural volume. 

Through sensations of stillness, sound, motion and depth, this unique collaborative performance explores our perception of natural and built form in the iconic geopolitical landscape of lower Manhattan. One day in 1903, the filmmaker, J.B. Smith, on assignment for the Thomas A. Edison Co. of West Orange, NJ, took a boat ride on the Hudson.  Our project takes off from what Smith saw, what he didn't see, what we see now, what's gone missing, and what's been added since.  Think of it as a single diachronic photograph unlocking a cinema of variation, where more than one timeframe can be perceived simultaneously.  By varying the modes of perceiving we experience drift and a heightened sense of the trans-temporal geopolitical volume that we inhabit.  NYC is revealed to be a panopticon of varied urban renewals culminating in climate change and postmodern hyperspace.

I originally thought that this was a work about history but now, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I know it’s about staying present.

Robert Bowen is a New York-based artist, designer and educator. His current interests include site-specific visualizations spanning photography, depth perceiving media and cinema, unified with computational toolsets. (A sample of these projects may be seen on his website, His work has been featured in a variety of exhibitions, books, and other publications. His project, Photography is a Container was recently published in Paisea Landscape Architecture Magazine. An abbreviated version of his Post Card Project was published in Cabinet Magazine, A Quarterly of Art and Culture. His Textual Visualizations are featured in Art of the Digital Age, (Thames and Hudson).  Other projects are included in the MoMA artist book collection, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry. A recent video installation entitled Architecture Against Mortality–Modeling Along based on the architectural procedures of Arakawa + Gins, was recently shown at the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics.  He is a core faculty member at New York's School of Visual Art in MFA Photography, Video and Related media, and also MFA Computer Art.

Jason Smeltzer has been performing and demonstrating a musical instrument called the Theremin for approximately ten years. The Theremin was invented in the 1920's by Leon Theremin: it was essentially the first musical instrument to use electricity. He has received several arts grants (Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts/Lackawanna County Arts and Culture) to give theremin performances and demonstrations. The range of music extends from classical and improvisational (w/ pianists Wayne Smith, Catherine Shefski and classical guitarist Jay Steveskey) to Middle-Eastern Dance (w/ Diana Shahein and the Beledi Dance Theatre) to Nursery Rhymes to Elvis to Schubert (w/ harpist Deirdre White) and to R&B and Jazz Fusion (w/ the trio Black Licorice). In collaboration with illustrator Ted Michalowski he performs every summer in Poland.

Wayne Smith is an improviser, composer, and pianist. A native of Brooklyn, NY, he grew up in Westfield, New Jersey. He has appeared recently as a featured guest on WVIA public Radio. Other appearances as both a soloist and in groups include performances at the Waverly Community House, Columbia University, Le Moyne College, and recently at The Marcella Sembrich Opera Museum with Jason Smeltzer on Theremin. Overseas, he has performed in both Korea and Japan. A resident of Pennsylvania since 2004, Wayne’s performances can be heard on both LP and CD recordings.

Grand Harvest concert

House of Waters is a New York based band with a global sound.  Drawing inspiration from Africa, India, South America, and jazz, the band is, as TimeOut NY states “a sight to behold.” 

House of Waters is hammered dulcimer virtuoso and Chicago native Max ZT; master percussionist Luke Notary; and brilliant bassist Moto Fukushima

These three innovative musicians are redefining their instruments as they excite their audiences.  Max, a National Hammered Dulcimer Champion studied with the Cissoko griot family in Senegal and recently returned from a year in India studying with the world-renowned santoor master Pandit Shivkumar Sharma.  Luke studied with djembe legend Cheik Oumar Diabate and has just returned from a year touring the world with Cirque du Soleil.  Moto's finesse, subtlety and power attracted the attention of Joe Lovano and other jazz greats, who he has accompanied to critical acclaim.  House of Waters has shared the stage with Ravi Shankar, Tinariwen, Jimmy Cliff, KODO, and more.  Their concerts are beautiful and electrifying moments of mastery and magic.


Circular Time is a blues based group, with great variety: blues, world-beat, reggae, r&b, calypso, soca, jazz and fusion. Can go from a hard-edged blues, a beat, a transition, to a reggae that might incorporate a dash of samba or merengue, followed by an r&b ballad, back to a soca, or an Elvis, an original, or an Albert King or Keb Mo.

It’is a fun, upbeat, reliable world band that looks to stretch, to add color, musically. Circular Time plays in Country Festivals, including Senegal and Morocco, as well as for abandoned children and other charitable organizations. They are a tight unit that has been together since 199

Tony LEWIS: The drummer, Tony Lewis, born in the Bronx, has played with many of the legendary blues-men, including B.B. King and Little Richard, Ashford & Simpson, 24-7 Spyx, and has toured with Cindy Lauper, Sam of Sam and Dave, and Regina Belle, amongst others, and has performed in more than 20 Countries.

Sylvester SCOT: Sylvester Scott, from South Carolina, plays the tenor sax and the flute, supposedly seduced an angel in performance. Has recorded on several major record labels, toured and recorded with Jerry Rizzi, Lina Katrakas, George Kilby and the Cooler Raiders. Performed throughout the world including Egypt, Germany, Norway, Barbados, France many times, Japan, amongst others.

Bart DOUGLAS: Bart Douglas, born in New York City, brings a different sensibility to Circular TIme, which adds another powerful poetic dimension to an already tasty musical cocktail. He has a double masters’ in Creative Writing and Literature, lived in Paris for 12 years, trained in Southern Classical Indian music. Vocalist, composer for Circular Time, musical influences : Lakshmi Shankar, Fela, Habib koite, Khaled, Bobby Blue Bland, B.B. King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Keb Mo, Billy Holiday, Rob Orbison, Lou Rawls, Tampa Red, amongst others. Has performed in New York, Martha’s Vineyard, France, Monte Carlo, Morocco, Dakar and Goree, Senegal.

Kwartei JONESS-QUARTEY: Kwartel Joness-Quartey from Ghana, has his M. A. (Music Composition, is a monster guitarist, who has been compared to Santana. He has recorded with Olu Dara, and toured extensively throughout the US -all major clubs in Europe- France on 2 trips, Africa and Japan, Tokyo.

Mark PETERSON: The bass player, Mark PETERSON, is a native of St. Louis. Missouri; he's studied at Washington University and St. Louis University. He's been the Principal Bassist with the St. Louis Symphony, and conducted, recorded and performed throughout the world, in festivals and clubs with Joan Baez, Shania Twain, Cassendra Wilson, Lizz Wright, amongst others. Also, he's played bass on Cassendra Wilson's Grammy Award CD, "New Moon Daughter," and is a regular at the Blue Note in Japan and in New York.

Mario SPROUSE: On piano, Mario E. Sprouse, also born in Queens, is a well known musical director, who was the musical supervisor for three Gordon Parks Flims, including the HBO documentary, “Half-Past Autumn: the life and works of Gordon Parks”. He’s arranged and produced over 30 jazz and pop records, for Carmen McRae, Hubert Laws, Cornell Dupree, Grover Washington Jr, Freddie Hubbard, amongst others.

Shareef CLAYTON: Shareef Clayton, a trumpeter, is a native of Miami, Florida. In 2008 Shareef recorded "Urban Folktales" with Bobby Sanabria which got nominated for a Grammy. He has performed with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Macy Gray, QuestLove, David Murray,Kim Burrell, Tye Tribbett, Myron Butler, Melton Mustafa, Bobby Sanabria, David Sanchez, Candido Camero, and many more. 

Gary FRITZ: The percussionist, Gary FRITZ, born in New York City. His public school studies have included training in Trumpet, French horn, Percussion, and Voice. In private study he also pursued Electric Bass, Drums, Congas, Latin & Ethnic Percussion, and Electronic Percussion.