Part of the Women Forward Art Exhibit

Where Are the Women?!

Solo flute concert by renowned flutist Andrew Bolotowsky

Saturday, May 9, 2009, 3 pm. $10

The concert will feature 12 solo flute compositions by 12 women composers. Limited to only one flutist, the program can be noted for the vast variety of musical styles and flutes. Mr. Boblotwsky will perform on the Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Baroque Flute, Baroque Bass Flute and Shakuhachi.

Andrew Bolotowsky is a well-known and frequently recorded flutest from New York. He studied with William Kincaid, Elaine Schaffer and Jean-Pierre Rampal. He has performed over three thousand concerts throughout the United States and with many orchestra and chamber ensembles throughout the region, including the Pan American orchestra, the Westchester Symphony, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Brooklyn Baroque, the SOHO Baroque Opera Company, Downtown Music ensemble and the Wood Hill Chamber Players. He has performed live on numerous radio stations as well as WNYC, NBC and CBS television. He has given premieres of countless new works for flute by composeres such as Dave Brubeck, Alan Hovhaness, Frank Wigglesworth, Jackson MacLow and Beth Anderson and can be heard on many record labels including Newport Classics, 4Tay, frog Peak, Stereo Society, New Wold Records, Orion, Quill Classics, Sonic Music and CRI.

The compositions that comprise this program are:

"Sing you song---there are words but no meanings" by Jennifer Post (1971)
This work was written by a young composer for a young flutist, and the flutist has realized the partially graphic score in many different ways over the years.

"Celebration" by Joyce Suskind
A Neo baroque work with power and definition (celebrating the Women's Conference of 1970).

"Breathless" by Sorrel Hays (1975)
An unusual Bass Flute solo utilizing many non flute sounds.

"Concertino 'The Canary'" for piccolo by Tui St. George Tucker (+2004)
A bright, cheery, non microtonal work by a famous microtonal composer.

"Diaphonic Suite" by Ruth Crawford Seeger (+1953)
A pioneering atonal work by a 20th century pioneer.

"Tropical Bird Solo" by Deborah Sandival Thurlow
Inspired by bird songs.

"Why Michelle in the absence of" by Lenore Von Stein (2008)
A pugilistic flute piece---with great dynamic variety.

"Shakuhachi Run" by Beth Anderson
What happens when you put a Kentucky born composer with a Japanese Flute? Sit in and find out!

"ORANGE: Modular Music from the Rainbow Cycle" by Elodie Lauten
A major work for the Very Rare Baroque Bass Flute.

"Fantasia for Anastasia" by Lynn Wilson (2006)
A delightful tuneful character piece based on the flutist's daughter.

"Arctic Wind Song" by Judith Sainte. Croix
A wonderful evocative solo using all the stops and whistles of contemporary flute technique.

"Glissandi for Theresa Salomon" by Anne Tardos (2001)
How can a flute player form a work that is clearly for violin? You shall hear.