‘A wonderfully scrappy group called the Brooklyn Playwrights Collective seems able to start, or incite, some kind of ruckus.’
-Martin Denton, NYTheatre.com Chief Reviewer on BPC’s Cruel and Unusual

The Brooklyn Playwrights Collective 
A festival of new one-act plays inspired by the work of Anton Chekhov




December 6th and 7th
at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

December 11th through 14th at the Brecht Forum

December 20th and 21st at Under Minerva

More information is available at http://www.brooklynplaywrights.org

Brooklyn Playwrights Collective that last season brought you Beyond Brecht and the year before Cruel and Unusual: Works Inspired by Artaud continues their alphabetical invocation of a favorite influential playwright with eleven new short one-acts by playwrights Maria Micheles, Marcy Wallabout, Tom Miller, Les Hunter and others inspired by the work of Anton Chekhov.

Performances are:

Saturday December 6th at 8:00 pm and Sunday the 7th at 4:00pm at
the Williamsburg Art and Historical (WAH) Center

Thursday-Sunday, December 11th-14th, every night at 8:00pm at the
Brecht Forum. 451 West St. between Bank & Bethune. Map and Directions.

Saturday, Dec. 20th at 7:30 and Sunday Dec. 21st at 4:00 at
Under Minerva. 656 5th Ave. Brooklyn. Map

Tickets for the performances are $10.00 and are only available at the box office.

Schedule A

If Chekhov were in America...

-Saturday December 6th, 8:00pm at the WAH Center

-Thursday Dec 11th, 8:00pm at Brecht Forum

-Saturday Dec. 13th, 8:00pm at Brecht Forum

-Sunday Dec. 21st, 4:00pm at Under Minerva

The Bear 2.0. By Philip Kaplan. Dir. Julia Goldstein.
A computer’s funeral.

Biggest Break. By Les Hunter. Dir. Dan Winerman.
Wherever you’re from, it always sucks.

Philodendron. By Allan Lefcowitz. Dir. Malinda Sorci.
How difficult is staying broken?

Gone with the Masha. By Jerry Polner. Dir. Lexie Pregosin.
Is anyone still in the business?

Fin de Circle. By Tom Miller. Dir. Cara Scarmack.
Natives, nativity, and a new era.

Schedule B

Chekhov’s fantasies and future...

-Sunday December 7th, 4:00pm at the WAH Center

-Friday Dec. 12th, 8:00pm at Brecht Forum

-Sunday Dec. 14th, 8:00pm at Brecht Forum

-Saturday Dec. 20th, 7:30pm at Under Minerva

Sleepy. By Marcy Wallabout. Dir. Leah Bonvissuto.
Sure you were asleep?

Not the Ravine. By Peter Dizozza. Dir. Mark Duncan.
Self-flagellating persons advise on the fate of a factory town. 

Sexy Monk. By Ed Malin. Dir. Naomi Tessler.
Monks are the sexiest, according to one poll.

The Developer. By Marcus Haupt. Dir. Melissa Fendell.
Husband hunting and dilapidated domiciles.

Through the Red . By Maria Micheles. Dir. William Addis.
The most red play.

Dr. Chekhov, Gunshot Expert. By Alaina Hammond. Dir. Morgan Gould.
Behind every great playwright is a nurse.

Group Bio 

Brooklyn Playwrights Collective is a project of local playwrights collaborating through workshops, proposals, and readings to aid each other in the playwriting process from writing, to editing and production. In addition to their annual festival last season, they produced a series of one act readings at the Brecht Forum, received a National Foundation for Jewish Culture New Works Grant for Les Hunter’s To the Orchard, and work-shopped Marcy Wall about’s Resistable Rise of Fatlinda Paloka, which received rave reviews after opening at Theatre for the New City.

Each year, BPC produces a festival of short one act plays by their members which responds to a particular theater practitioner. The festival has worked for the last three years in an alphabetical order (Artaud, Brecht, and this year, Chekhov)

Their Cruel and Unusual: Works Inspired by Antonin Artaud prompted the NYTheatre.com reviewer to conclude by saying, "Best of all, perhaps, is the conception of the evening itself’ a participatory celebration/conversation between theatre artists and ordinary folks in the audience. Too many ‘festivals’ of one-act plays seem to have no raison d’être beyond serving as a hopeful showcase of talent to producers, agents, and other show-biz types who probably aren’t there anyway; I love that Cruel and Unusual is an end unto itself, giving all who venture into the room a chance to experience some art of the raw and untried variety because that’s an exciting, fun, and interesting thing to do."

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