Peter Dizozza's

Pianist/Singer/Songwriters Salon

Saturday, March 5th, 8PM
admission $10

Celebrating the release of Enid and The Boys Take this Show on the Road,
with solo piano/vocal performances by
Peter Dizozza, Eric LeCain, and Enid, songwriter of three hits from the TV Show "Fame"

Conceptual composer Peter Dizozza performs a solo piano set, sharing the stage with Eric LeCain and Enid (performing songs from her new album, "Enid and the Boys.")

A mix of cabaret, jazz, and classical describe the unique style of songwriter/pianist Eric LeCain. His humorous songs use spirited melodies and flashy riffs to tell his memorable stories of love and life. Mr. LeCain began his musical studies at age 6 and later graduated from the NC School for the Performing Arts. He went on to earn a degree at Oberlin conservatory then moved to New York where he began working as an assistant to composer Leonard Bernstein. He has performed in the US, Europe, and Africa, and has composed musical scores for both television and film.

ENID comes from Passaic, New Jersey and is a graduate of New York University. She has a solo album on Columbia and has performed as a pianist/singer/songwriter in New York City for many years. Her songs are recorded by Helen Schneider (Sony album - Germany -- "Vagabond"), Debbie Allen, Jennifer Love Hewitt (Atlantic Records, "Can't stand in the Way of Love,"), Davis Gaines (Against the Tide), Jesse Colter, Rita Coolidge and Rebecca Spencer (Wide Awake and Dreaming). 
Movies and TV shows with songs by Enid include "The Pursuit of DB Cooper," "Mauritios Los," "Midnight Caller," "The Richard Simmons Show" and "Fame." 
Three of her songs went platinum in Europe -- "Hi-Fidelity," "Be Your Own Hero" and "Lay Back and Be Cool." 
Enid's most memorable composition was writing the words and music for the Lincoln Junrior hishg school Fight song which is still sung today she was 10 years old. 
Her new studio album is "Enid and The Boys Take This Show on the Road."
Her March 5th performance is yet another chapter in her Memoir, From Saloon to Salon.  

An ongoing contributor to La MaMa's Experiments Series, Peter Dizozza's new musical play, TentagatneT, comes to the WAH Center in May of this year. Prior productions include The Last Dodo and Prepare to Meet Your Maker. His albums include "Songs of The Golf Wars," and "Pro-Choice on Mental Health."

"Here's a fellow with musical ideas in his soul." – Barry L. Cohen, The New Music Connoisseur Vol. 9, No.2-Summer 2001

"Brilliantly written work that can require a second or third reading to fully comprehend the abundance of ideas. Juxtaposing the light-hearted and disturbed, comical and intense; familiar human behavior taken beyond recognition. If you're seeking to courageously journey outside the parameters of your recognizable world and be greatly entertained, sample a taste of Dizozza's work." – Mary Farble for the Expansion Press, 1997

On Dizozza's "Pro-Choice on Mental Health:" "Likable and touching because it's a turnoff to respectable alt-culture pills." – McMurtrie, Village Voice

"Dizozza is the latest (and possibly strangest) star of downtown NYC's anti-folk scene to make it across the pond. Imagine a nerdy John Turturro playing Woody Allen and channelling Harry Nilsson and you're half way to grasping the Sondheimn meets Burroughs vicissitudes of new CD, 'Pro-Choice On Mental Health'." – Time Out London

"After a few repeat listenings, the sincerity comes gushing through. Suddenly, the music is melodic, the lyrics charming, and Dizozza's voice actually strangely comforting." – Daoud Tyler-Ameen, The Yale Herald

'"Songs Of The Golf Wars" in an extremely intriguing proposition. "The Golf Wars" is a musical play - script &songs written by Dizozza and recorded here with Major Matt Mason USA &his Olive Juice pals as "The Songs Of The Golf Wars". Like a marginally more introverted Magnetic Fields, Dizozza not only works predominantly with keyboards - but also embraces the notion of the "pop" song as a big show tune. The carefully annotated sleeve notes leave us in no doubt that a higher level of intelligence than is usually attributed to "pop" musicians has been employed during the making of this record. Eccentric, eclectic, fiercely individualistic, the words could well have been specially commissioned for the work of Peter Dizozza...' – Evan Halshaw / tMx 13 / 11/03

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