April 9th - 8 PM
April 10th - 3 PM and 8 PM
April 11th - 3 PM Post-performance talk
Admission $15
Reservations & info 1-347-489-1841

An adaptation of Shakespear’s drama into Japanese traditional “Noh” theater with Dance, Opera, Percussion, and Piano.

The attempt is to translate the indispensable musical elements found in Noh, which is Japanese traditional theater, into Western music. Adopting Shakespear’s drama, Japan’s young traditional performers embark on a new interpretation of a Noh play as theatrical art. Performers of Noh play and Japanese dancers demonstrate their art, opera singers sing, and percussionists and a pianist accompany the other performers. This project is an experimental contemporary Noh performance set in the hybrid city of New York. It expresses the current moment of Japanese culture.
Presented and Produced by Akiko Asai (New York) and Josei-Noh Project (Japan) Committee

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