Improvised Soundscapes

Fri. 2/13/04 8 P.M. Adm. $8

Liquid Ensemble: Katie Down (Director) - Flute , Daniel Kelly -Keyboards, Chris Michael - Percussion, Kevin Quigley - Vocals, Dave Wood - Guitar Synth
This highly cinematic ensemble has developed a unique group sound through an organic mixture of acoustic and electric instruments, sound effects and electronic sound manipulation.

The Diana Wayburn Trio: Diana Wayburn (Director) - Pianist/Flautist, Sarah Weaver - Trombonist, Matt Hannafin - Percussionist
This trio was formed to broaden and explore the boundries between contemporary classical composition and free improvisation. Using a blend of 20th century country music, sonic and rhythmic explorations, Middle eastern and Indian music, and jazz the ensemble creates its own unique sound.

Sabir Mateen - Clarinet/Saxipohone/Flute and Masako Yokouchi - Accordian/Cello....Free Jazz. This highly fluidic duo extends the process of sound to new dimensions on a variety of instrumentation

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