Williamsburg's Second International Surrealist Film Festival

October 8th and 9th, 2004 Admission $5
8pm Friday Oct. 8; following Ode On Manhattan Avenue at 9:30 Sat. Oct. 9

Directed by Peter Dizozza of Cinema VII

Marc Fajardo's "Resilience"
Amy Greenfield's "Wildfire" (Eclipse Productions)
A new film “Cactus Man” by award winning Matthew Gray Gubler
Susan Ingraham's "GOescarGo"
In Vivo, directed by Melanie Panush Lindert (Richard Newton, Watching in the Dark Productions)
The return of Dino Adino, by Amir Motlagh
Mary Jane Sullivan's "Signals from the Empire City,"
calling upon ancient Lenape... (Now & Then Productions)

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