Sat. May 24th, 2003 @ 7:30 P.M. Admission $10

Every year the WAH Center’s dance festival is eagerly looked forward to by dancers and public alike. Last year, our 4th Annual dance festival coordinated by Emma Hogarth, showcased 21 local choreographers/dancers. The festival was a great success with much positive feedback from the audience which filled the 3rd floor of the WAH Center.

Our 5th annual dance Festival coordinated by Susan McKeever, assisted by Emma Hogarth, with sound by Henry Duys and visual art by Carmela Verna, will take place on Sat. May 24th, 2003 from 7:30 P.M. The Festival is open to all to all genres of dance. This year's festival coincides with New York City's gala celebration of the 120th birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge. All day, shuttle buses will be running from Cadman Plaza to the WAH Center.

Dancers & choreographers include:

Ariane Anthony & Company

David Appel

Rachel Cohen

Sarah Edgar

Eidolon Ballet In Concert

Nadia Georgiou & Kerri O'Niell

Corinna Hiller

Pari Khan

Kelly Kocinski

Chrissie Lotterer

Susan McKeever & Kathryn Duys

Rindfleisch Dance

Annie Sailer Dance Company

Phillip Wolley & Alan Forbes

For info., call Susan McKeever at (718) 349-0907
Email [email protected]
or Yuko Nii at (718) 486-6012 [email protected]
WAH Center, 135 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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