Welcome to the 2nd Annual
Williamsburg Arts & Culture Festival 2001
Carol Quint Festival Coordinator
Whitney Kalke and Mary Westring, Open Studio Coordinators

October 13th & 14th 2001 12 P.M. to 6 P.M.

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Williamsburg/Greenpoint has become a grand oasis of the arts. People are visiting our artists, galleries, fashionable shops, and restaurants from around the world. So we have created the Williamsburg Arts & Culture Festival (WAC Festival) to introduce our entire smorgasbord of offerings to the world in one great happening. We invite you to enjoy a weekend of art, local history and fine cuisine, and at the same time participate in celebration of the International Artist’s Community.


Trains to Williamsburg: L Train to Bedford Ave. and walk 12 blocks south to Broadway, or J & M trains to Marcy Ave stations and walk 3 blocks west to Bedford Avenue

Walk the Williamsburg Bridge & enjoy the view

FREE ART SHUTTLE BUS! - Free round trip from the WAH Center



BUS DEPOT: Momenta Art
72 Berry Street (between North 9th & 10th Streets)
(718) 298-8058

N1 Corner of North 10th St.
125 Bedford Avenue, Entrance on N. 10th St.,
Christine Frieb #2R, (718) 486-5645
A Live/work studio

N1 Between Wythe and Berry
118 N. 11th St., 3rd Floor
Rich Palladino, 3rd Floor, (718) 388-8577
Industrial design inspired paintings, sculptures with found objects and exotic woods
Mary Kuzma, 718) 388-6511, Industrial design inspired lacquer techniques on wood
Nora King, (718) 782-3171, Photographs and paintings
55 Berry Street
Katherine Bernhardt, #213, (212) 889-9833, painting

N2 Between Guernsey and Dobbin
51 Nassau Avenue
Jamie and Ian Davis, 3rd Fl., 3B, (718) 302-4867
Paintings by Ian, Photography by Jamie

N3 Between West Street and Franklin
37 Greenpoint Avenue
Jenna Spevack and Bruce Busby, 4th Floor, (718) 349-9995
Sculpture and Drawing

N3 Between West Street and Franklin
61 Greenpoint Avenue (The Pencil Factory)
James Bills and Douglas Goldberg, #304, (718) 218-7929
Sculpture and Drawing
Metarchi Studio,Sandra Gonzalez, #3, 3rd Floor, (718) 926-4477
Architectural practice by day, visual/experimental lab by night
Michael Peck and Anwar Montasir, #400, (917) 570-6669
Two guys who paint for fun, one figurative, the other abstract with color
Paula Carlson, 4th Floor, (718) 349-8221
Fiorella Carretti and Neal Shalat, (718) 349-1425
Representational works: Sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings
Lilian R. Engel, Mario Bustamonte, Elijah Kaufman, 2nd Floor, (718) 812-8648
Niels Thorsen, 3rd Floor, #12, (718) 383-6384, Sculpture
Lynda Ray, 305A, (718) 599-9356
Sakiori Studio, 1st Floor #8, (718) 383-9770
Hand-woven scarves from antique kimono and contemporary Japanese fabrics
Aleman/Moore: Home - Luis Aleman and Jeffrey Moore, (718) 349-8221
Straw carpets and accent creations, hand dyed, individually sewn, Straw hats
Christian Hooker, 4th Floor, #405, (718) 349-6494, selected paintings from 150 works

N3 Corner of Kent and Franklin
80 Kent Street
Adolph Bastendorff, (718) 383-5579

N4 Between Manhattan and Franklin
147 Huron Street
Karl Klingbiel, 2nd Floor, (718) 389-6784
Large Studio, Paintings, Drawings

N4 Between Freeman and Green
1002 Manhattan Avenue
Veit W and Nurit Bar-shai, (718) 389-6201/383-2114, Installation and Video

N5 Corner Commercial and Manhattan
1155 Manhattan Avenue
Christopher Saunders and Jennifer Ditiacchio, elevator 3rd floor West, studio 2, stairs: door #10-3-1, (718) 349-6145
Joel Adas, Jim Erickson, Francisco Salazar, 3rd Floor West, studio 1, (718) 349-0669

N5 Corner Commercial and Manhattan
1205 Manhattan Avenue
Kyeong-Soo-Kim, (718) 383-0407, Abstract painting
Omar Yacoub, (718) 383-0407, Figurative paintings and portraits
Maureen Mullen, (718) 383-0407 Paintings, mixed media, works on paper
Barbara S. Owen, 4th Floor #1, Bldg. #2, (718) 349-2358
99 Commercial Street
Christine Olsavsky, (718) 349-8277, Painting and photography

N6 Between Eckford and McGuinness
212 Calyer Street
Tattfoo Tan, (718) 349-8840, Contemporary Asian influenced themes

N7 Between Nassau and Morgan
68 Hausman St.
Alvar Sirlin (718) 384-3515

N8 Between Kingsland and Engert
621 Meeker Avenue (Store Front)
Carol Diamond and Howard Davis 1st Floor, (718) 599-5517
Carol, abstract painter. Howard, Sculptor

N9 Between Union and Lorimer (south side of McCarren park)
16 Bayard Street
Kathy Steko #3
Bryan LeBoeuf #3, (718) 383-6728
Margaret Maurice #3, (718) 623-9168
Michael Owen #3
Marilyn Handmade Frames #5
Robert Marshall #8
Jody Hanson #9, (718) 389-3322
Mark McLoughlin #9
Richard O’Russa #14
Elaina Ganin #14
Angela Rose Voulgarelis #15, (718) 472-2236
Zach Rockhill #15
Ken Soloman #18
Sonia Morange #20, (646) 336-8442


135 Broadway @ Bedford Avenue
(718) 486-7372

S1 Between Wythe and Berry (The Gretsch Building)
60 Broadway
Liz Colon, #9E, (917) 716-7239
In the Gretsch Building, great views, 3d paintings, oil on canvas

S1 Between Berry and Bedford
99 S, 6th St.
Peer Hansen (718) 599-6510
Oil paintings depicting imaginary landscapes and nightmare visions
84 S. 6th
Ken Howell (718) 599-5337

S2 Between S. 5th and Berry
338 Berry Street
Charles Basman and Alexandra Limpert, 2nd Floor, (718) 424-2810
Limpert is a sculptor - figurative & dramatic in steel;, Basman is a painter - impressionistic, painterly with bright & vivid color in contemplative & dramatic composition
Cathy Diamond, #7N, (718) 302-0972
347 Bedford Avenue
Linda LaBelle, This Yarn Tree, (718) 384-3793
Also sells yarn under this name
Store Front Studio, weaver, custom fabric, weaving and spinning demonstrations
Lisa Steiner, painter

S2 Between S. 3rd and 4th
352 Bedford Avenue
Cecilia Biagini #6, (718) 388-5022
Argentinean artist, paintings and photography

S2 NE Corner of Bedford and S. 3rd
10 X 20 workshop in the parking lot
Jorge-Luis Rodriguez, (718) 384-7097

S3 Between Wythe and Berry
115 S. 2nd Street, #23
Esao Andrews, 5th Floor walk up, (718) 599-1373
oil paintings, portraits and scenes

S3 Between Wythe and Berry
116 S. 2nd Street, Basement
Farah Salehi, Metal sculpture, (718) 384-5799
Melissa Glasser, oil paintings, (718) 384-5799

S4 Between Bedford and Driggs
190 Grand Street
Mary Westring, 2nd Floor, (718) 302-9868
Painting/drawing live/work space

S5 At N. 5th and Bedford

132 N. 5th St. (above minimal)
Nicole Gonzales #2F, (718) 599-5733, Paintings with spiritual energy using the Mandala form
Michelle Mackey and Amanda Boulton #4C (press #42 on keypad), (718) 782-5901
Abstract painting on canvas and wood

S5 Between North 6th and 7th
195 Bedford Avenue
Metaphors, Rose Knightly (718) 782-0917
Valerie Galloway - photo mirrors
Sarah Hull, Hats
Andi Billow, Silver works

S6 Between Havermeyer and Meeker #1
281 N. 7th Street
Monica Mohan and Humphrey Bilger, (917) 648-7682
Watercolor, goauche on paper with architectural/;landscape subject matter, also “fictional family trees” on canvas & paper

S7 Between Havermeyer and Roebling
21 Hope Street
Laura Ricker, #2, (718) 384-9106
Ground Floor Painting Studio - contemporary painting with conceptual imagery

S8 Between Wythe and Berry
84 S. 1st Street (studio 84)
Internationally known artists, paintings, sculpture;, performance
Michael Krynski, (917) 406-3077
Trystan Wolski
(917) 406-3077
Thomas Billings
(917) 406-3077
Wojtelk Urlich
(917) 406-3077
107 N. 1st
Mark Mulholland (718) 486-0809
S9 Between Wythe and Berry
85 n. 3rd St.
Bryan Burkey, #7K, Fourth Floor, (718) 599-1327
Color field paintings using a glossy/matte paint style
Ligorano/Reese, (718) 384-6570
Iconic sculpture/ installations with social commentary
Anne Gaines and James Wines. 4th floor, studio K, (718) 599-1325
Work space shared by a painters painter and a maker of things
Rob Hart, 4th Floor. studio K, (718) 599-9401
Kevin Wixted and Ro Lohin, 4th Floor, (917) 545-3206
Nancy Bowen, 4th Floor, Studio 1, (718) 388-2119
Mixed media sculpture made of glass, clay, steel, beads, fabric, etc., colorful and whimsical with serious underbelly, also drawing
Hoge Day, 4th Floor studio #1, (718) 388-2119
Paintings combining biomorphic abstraction with commercial sources

S10 Between Kent and Wythe
76 North 8th St.
Michael Eudy, (917) 548-6625
Studio in rear of one story warehouse. large scale abstract paintings and sculptor;
Craig Renzel, (917) 501-6703, Sculpture dealing with material’s physical properties under extreme tension and stress

S11 Corner of N. 5th
151 Kent Avenue
Mary C. Roth, #211, Painting and photography, (718) 384-5050
Marta Jolanta Lwin #215, (718) 486-6103
digital arts studio featuring computer related projects. Live/work space
T. Stefan Gesek #216, (718) 599-1067, Illustrations and 5 X 6 ft. large format drawings
Les Seifer and M.P.Landis Apt 301, (718) 218-7197, Painting studio 3rd Floor
Jason Rohlf #304, (718) 302-5564, Live/work space. Contemporary abstract mixed media on canvas and paper

S12 Between Grand and North 1st.
245 Kent Avenue
James Ramer and Holly McDade #F12, (718) 486-3755
Photography and mixed media

S12 Between Kent and Wythe
48 Grand Street
Annie Sailer, (718) 302-7033
Visual artist, dancer and choreographer - paintings, collages, multimedia sculptures, installations
#15 Between Kent and Wythe
61 Metropolitan Avenue
Marsha Trattner, (917) 482-4721, Sculpture and installation, drawing, painting
Susan Strande[,(917) 482-4721, painting, drawing
(917) 482-4721,welding and blacksmithing
83 Metropolitan Avenue
Sheila Gerami, Ralph Hassard, Nancy Van Deren, (212) 477-7780

S13 Between Kent and Wythe
50 S. 4th Street
James Wechsler, #202, (212) 777-4861
Painter - archival sources used to address psychology of authoritarianism, “Troubling History”

S14 Between Kent and Wythe
14 Dunham Place, Basement
Barbara Zanelli, Basement, (347) 423-8425
Watercolor and oil painting, monotypes, drawing, Basement Studio

S15 Between Kent and Wythe
65 S. 11th St, 2nd Fl..
Rebecca Miller, 2nd floor, (718) 486-6874
Paintings and works on paper which study fragments of the human figure
Pablo V. Orendain, 2nd Floor #3, (347) 623-2403

S15 Between South 11th and Division
475 Kent Avenue
Betsy Kelleher, 4th Floor #3, (718) 782-5126
4th Floor spectacular views of Manhattan, painting, mixed media


135 Bedford Avenue
(718) 486-7372

E1 Between S. 4th and S. 5th Streets
475 Keap St.
Adrienne Marcus and Cammi Climaco 1st Floor, (718) 609-0866 or (718) 930-1902
Drawing, painting and mixed media sculpture

E2 Between Keap and Rodney
423 Grand Street
Ianthe Jackson, 3rd Floor, (718) 486-3010
Drawings, sculpture, animation, books. live/work space

E3 Between Keap and Union
155 Hope Street
Gail Mitchell (718) 599-7766
Constructions that incorporate found objects with paint and drawing materials
Gary Spradling, 1st Floor, (718) 599-2859, Sculptor, carved wood, cast bronze, found objects, sculpture lamps

E4 Between Lorimer and Union
573 Metropolitan Avenue
Lorimer Station Studio, an enriching artistic educational center, many genres of art, academic still life, live nude drawing, abstract, non-objectivity
Keat Foong (646) 654-4490
Oil paintings on a realistic tradition
Mary Swanson (718) 599-1265
India ink paintings on paper of meticulous detailed still life
Michelle Hill (718) 599-1265
abstract paintings bordering on representational in oil, pastel and words
Matthew J. Fasone, 2nd Floor, ( 718) 599-1265
Krzysztof Pytlak (718) 599-1265
Don Dechamps
(718) 599-1265
Anyoi Stegev
(718) 599-1265
Jennifer Isaaks
(718) 599-1265
James Paulsen
(718) 599-1265
Jonathan Flack
(718) 599-1265
Miriam Jacobson( 718) 599-1265
Jeff Davies
(718) 599-1265

E5 Between Lorimer and Leonard
145 Ainslie Street
Sandra Bosado, (718) 456-2228

E6 Between Morgan and Catherine
1013 Grand Street
Michelle Gambetta, (646) 245-9801
Maryleen Schiltkamp, #16, 3rd Floor, (212) 877-2894
Catherine LaSota, #6, 3rd Floor, (718) 369-3421
Sculpture and works on paper
Sara Cavic, (347) 613-0805
David Williams, (212) 889-1737
Matthew Wooten,
Studio #5, (718) 628-6536
Daria Shishkan, etching and drawing, (212) 889-1737
Noah Loesberg, (917) 400-7900
Judy Oakes (212) 353-5070
Steven Stankiewicz, painting and etching, (718) 387-5437
Mie Kurahara, painting and etching

E6 Between Morgan and Catherine
1027 Grand Street (same building as 1013)
Teresa Scarpulla, #2E, (646) 263-1030
Psycho;Psychological and philosophical paintings of a string figuratively abstract nature
Thomas Birer, 4th Floor (917) 626-3070

E7 Between Union and Lorimer
38 Maijer Street
D.R. Lampman (718) 486-9077
Large scale, kinetic and interactive sculptural installations using mixed media
Scott Van Campen\large scale kinetic sculpture made out of car and motorcycle parts

E8 Corner of Rutledge Street
59 Harrison Avenue,
Halona Hilbertz, 2nd Floor, (718) 302-3323
“Wall dolls” representing humans or other beings, more bizarre and specific than conventional dolls
Donn Davis, 2nd Floor, (718) 302-3323
Paintings that are reclamation projects. Printed type from discarded cartons collaged onto linen panels
Ron Rocco, 2nd Floor, (718) 388-9641
Silkscreen commentary on NYC’s prison culture, NYC Real Estate Wars
Jacqueline Malanga, 3rd Floor, (718) 302-4844, paintings based on formalism with imaginative approach
Levent Tuncer, 4th Floor, (718) 384-6473



SA Broadway at Bedford Avenue
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (WAH Center)
135 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11211
(718) 486-7372 or 486-6012, e-mail wahcenter@earthlink.net
“Friends & Mentors,” work of Jack Lenor Larsen (weaver & designer), the late Isamu Noguchi (sculptor), Jerry Rudquist (painter & printmaker), Toshiko Takaezu (ceramic artist), the late Ansei Uchima (painter & printmaker), the late Toshiko Uchima (collagist and box assemblagist), and the late Esteban Vicente (painter & collagist).
Also, “Floating Figures in Japanese fabrics “ by Tomi Urayama

SA Between Bedford Avenue and Driggs
Exhibition Space 156
156 Broadway
Matthew Greenway, (718) 486-5170
Works of Robert Myer

SB Between Bedford Avenue and Driggs
Lunarbase, Inc.
197 Grand Street
Yuko Wylie, (718) 599-9205, www.lunarbaseart.com
Showing Toshiko Tochihara, Oct. 5-Oct 28, 2001
Gallery hours: Thurs.-Sun. 1-7 P.M.
Sept. 21-Oct. 28, Works by Peter Hendrick, Irish sculptor using large photographs with other media and architectural elements to explore heritage and identity

SC Between Bedford Avenue and Driggs Avenue
Schroeder Romero
173 A N. 3rd St.
Lisa Schroeder, (718) 486-8992, schroederromero@hotmail.com

SD Between Bedford Avenue and Driggs Avenue
168 North 6th Street
Randall Harris (718) 486-7021
Features art of the human form
Oct 12-Nov, 13 th new paintings and drawings by Jeremy Dost Reception Oct 12th 6-9 P.M.

SE Corner of Hope Street
Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery
Cristobal Dam & Leah Stuhltrager
38 Marcy Avenue
Leah (718) 387-9818

SF Between Havermeyer and Marcy Avenues
335 Grand Street
Rebecca Smith (718) 387-6248, www.artnet.com/bellwether
Works by Adam Putnam (video), Don Doe (painter), Mark Grubstein (photos)

SG Between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street
The Nancy
85 North 3rd Street, Floor 4, Room #1
Jennifer Raimondi (401) 935-9969
Showcases three new artists every three weeks
During festival will show work of 13 contributing members

SH Between Berry and Wythe
93 North 6th St.
Hilario Nuno
(718) 387-4320
Oct. 12-Nov. 12: Amadeo Pensalver - Paintings “Domestication”


NA Between North 9th and North 10th Streets
Momenta Art
72 Berry Street
Eric Heist & Laura Parness, (718) 218-8058
Fri.-Mon. 12-6 P.M.
Sept. 7- Oct. 15: Works by Howard McCalebb (visually delicate collage on paper) and Amanda Trager (unstable proclamations on signboards)

NB Between Norman and Messerole
Goliath Visual Space
117 Dobbin Street
Erik Guzman, Mayumi Hayashi
(718) 389-0369
Sept. 9-Oct. 14: “Edgescapes” The question of geography’s influence on art at two points, San Francisco and New York

NC Between West Street and Franklin
Gallery Mesquita Calvo
61 Greenpoint Avenue 3rd Floor loft 14
Luisa M. Mesquita (718) 349-8954 cell (646) 232-7182, www.mesquitacalvo2.com
Fri. Sat. Sun 12-6:30 P.M.
exhibits work of international emerging artists
Oct. 13-Nov. 10th : The artist is Trace

ND Between Eagle and Dupont
Dabora Gallery
1080 Manhattan Avenue
Lynda Mahan (718) 609-9629. mott66@earthlink.net
A Victorian art salon featuring paintings, pints, and taxidermy. Current exhibition with works by Arthur Travis and Lynda Mahan. Come in and relax on our sofa and have a drink at the bar!


Between Bedford and Driggs Avenue

Iona Bar
188 Grand Street
(718) 384-5008, Friendly genuine Irish pub

Between Bedford and Driggs Avenue
192 Grand Street
(718) 486-3077, Finely fashioned food, cozy, sophisticated

Between Metropolitan Avenue and North 1st. Street
Miss Williamsburg Diner
206 Kent Avenue
Pilar and Max, (718) 963-0802
Authentic Italian food in an original American Dining car
Tues.-Sun. 6 P.M. to Midnight

North 3rd at Wythe
225 Wythe Avenue
Talitha Whidbee, (718) 963-4546
Relish is located in a restored 1950’s stainless steel diner car. Chef josh Cohen’s menu of contemporary American classics includes such favorites as Roasted Organic Chicken and Pecan Waffles and Octopus and White Bean Bruschetta. Open seven days from 11 A.M. to midnight and Fridays and Saturdays till 1 A.M. The garden is open for dinner and drinks weather permitting.

Between North 6th and 7th
191 Bedford Avenue
Elaine Muleski (917) 679-8610
The finest in vegetarian and dairy free cuisine, prepared with positive energy and care. All menu items prepared from scratch using organic ingredients whenever possible and without sugar, white flour or preservatives. Try our “Bliss Bowl” or experience a fresh drink from our hydra- pressed organic juice bar. You will leave Bliss with an abundance of energy and a renewed outlook on vegetarian cuisine!

Between Bedford and Berry
The Pod
141 North 7th Street

Elaine Muleski (917) 679-8610
A transporting experience: a cross between entering a spaceship and a flashback from the sixties. The back of the space is an elevated lime-green capsule which creates an intimate dining area, while the orange lounge in front provides a cool bar for hanging out. The cuisine is modern American with a twist. Our “Malaysian Clay-Pot” is a must try signature dish. Come uncork and unwind at this new adventure!

Between 6th and 7th
L Cafe and L Cafe to Go
189 and 187 Bedford Avenue
Dan Stegler (718) 388-6792, 302-2430
L Cafe: Long the hub of the Williamsburg art community. Monthly showings if art, well prepared meals on a budget, strong coffee and a tranquil garden cafe to Go: home n]made baked goods, bagels, soups, salads and sandwiches

Corner of 5th Street and Bedford Avenue
The Read cafe and Bookshop
158 Bedford Avenue
Brooks (718) 599-3032
Cozy cafe with home made pastries with a wide selection of magazines

Between Driggs and Nassau
Amarin cafe
617 Manhattan Avenue
Marin Khemcharden (718) 349-2788
Modern Thai Cuisine. reasonably priced, great taste, excellent service
Art exhibit; Carol Quint thru October 21st.


Between south 6th and Broadway under the Williamsburg bridge
Sarkana Artists Materials
14B Dunham Place
Sharilyn (718) 599-5898
Group of artists making paints and mediums using traditional methods. We provide art materials and technical support to the Williamsburg arts community

Between North 5th and North 6th Streets
Spoonbill Books
218 Bedford Avenue
Miles, (718) 387-7322
A vast selection of quality antique and contemporary books relating to art and literature, and more. A treasure trove!

Between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street
Tops on the Waterfront
89 North 6th Street
Veronica Jorge
Take a culinary tour and discover the art of food. organic, gourmet and fancy foods. For quality, variety and great prices, “STOP AT TOPS.”
Mon.-Fri. 9 A.M. - 9 P.M.
Sat.. 8 A.M. - 9 P.M.
Sun. 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.
718) 782-6660

Corner of North 6th and Driggs
Northside Junk
578 Driggs Avenue
Joanna Belbey (718) 384-4226
A colorful jumble of used furniture, vintage clothing and odd objects.
As seen in Time Out magazine, paper magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Crains, vanity fair and New York Magazine

Between North 6th and 7th Streets
189 Bedford Avenue
Amir (718) 666-0039
Optical and accessories

Bedford at North 7th Street
Northside Pharmacy
182 Bedford Avenue
Rachel parker (718) 387-6566
We speak Spanish, Polish and English

Many Thanks to the following contributors to the Festival:

Bamonte’s Restaurant
32 Withers Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-8661

Crest Hardware
558 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Giando on the Water
400 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-7000

Anthony J. Sarro, M.D., P.C.
308 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 302-1566


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