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New York City landmark 1966
National Register of Historic Places, 1980

The Kings County Savings Bank is an outstanding example of French Second Empire architecture, displaying a wealth of ornament and diverse architectural elements. A business building of imposing grandeur, the Kings County Savings Bank "represents a period of conspicuous display in which it was not considered vulgar, at least by the people in power, to boast openly of one's wealth. From its scale and general character there is nothing , on the outside, that would distinguish the Kings County Savings Bank from a millionaires mansion." (from History preserved: New York City landmarks & historic districts, Harmon H. Gladstone & Martha Dalyrmple, Simon & Schuster, 1974).

The building is now used as a non-profit art center called the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, a treasure for the New York City community and an anchor for the largest community of artists & performers in New York. The mansard roof & clock tower are in serious need of repair. Pieces of the clock tower fell in late 1999 during a storm. The Center is trying to raise the $60,000 to do the stabilization work on the clock tower. Also the Center needs $750, 000 for the entire mansard roof. We desparately need your kind help at this critical moment. Please contribute any amount to save this great building for posterity and the New York community.

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Clocktower damage
Clock tower damage

Historical Kings County Savings Bank (32K)


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