The 24th Annual WAH Salon Show

Show Dates: Sat. Feb. 11 – Sat. Mar. 25, 2023
Opening Reception: Sat. Feb. 11, 3-5pm

The Salon show ends with
Special Demonstration Event: Sat. Mar. 25. 2023, 1:30pm – 5:00pm:

Egg Tempera by Eileen Kennedy
Encaustic by Regina Bernadette Quinn

Gallery Hours: Sat. & Sun. 1:00pm – 5:00pm

The 23rd WAH Salon show, last year, 2021

Dear Artists,

“Happy New Year, everyone!”

We have experienced great miseries in the recent years, leaving us in a great chaos. But, no matter what happened, life goes on…and artists creative energy never stops. The Annual WAH Salon Show is where artists’ living energy is shared, and where one can enjoy Peace, Harmony, and Unity.

It has been our tradition that the WAH Center starts a new year with our annual WAH Salon show in January. Because I haven’t informed our salon members the exact show dates, several salon members asked me if we were going to have the salon show in 2023, and my answer was a definite “Yes”. They were delighted to hear my answer, but some of them expressed their wish to have the show a bit later, because they were planning to travel abroad, or visit their friends and relatives in January to refresh their long stagnated life….

Considering their wish, I have decided the show dates as follows; Sat. Feb. 11 – Sat. Mar. 11, 2023.

Here is the information of the 23rd Annual WAH Salon show.

Please read the instructions very carefully and follow them:

A) For New applicants: How to apply the WAH Salon show

#1) How to Apply 23rd Annual WAH Salon show, 2.11- 3.11, 2023.docx

#1) How to Apply 23rd Annual WAH Salon show, 2.11- 3.11, 2023.pdf

B) Requirements for all the WAH Salon artists who will participate in the Salon show:

How to Apply

1) Entry Form, 24th Annual WAH Salon show, 2022.docx

2) Membership Agreement

2) Membership Agreement, 24th WAH Salon show, 2023.docx

3) Submission Agreement

3) Submission Instructions, 24th WAH Salon, 2023.docx

4) Instructions for Resume/Statement

4) Instructions for Resume & Statement, 23rd WAH Salon, 2022.docx

Please follow the samples below and make your own resume.

A.1) Sample of Resume & Statement Catalogue revised,1_18_20 (3) copy.docx

A.1) Sample of Resume & Statement Catalogue revised,1_18_20 (3) copy.pdf

A.2) Sample of Resume & Statement copy 2.pdf

A.2) Sample of Resume & Statement copy.docx

A.3) Sample, Resume & Statement, formatted by Yuko. 8.15.18 copy 3.docx

Looking forward to your participation to make the 24th Annual WAH Salon show another great success!

Much Love Always,

Yuko Nii
Germania Reyes
Terrance Lindall


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