Products of Mother Nature Series:

Artists Talk: “Wood & Paper” 
Sat. Jan. 14, 2023, 2-5pm

Part of “Wood & Paper”, showing Nov.12, 2022 – Jan. 14, 2023

The duration of the talk is limited to 3 hours and each artists is allowed to have a 10 minute talk. We will divide into 2 different groups and between the 2 groups we will have a 15 minus coffee break to spend the question/answer time.


A) Wood Medium: 8 participants: Christopher Fahey, Glen Goodenough, Garry Grant, Kumi Hirose ( and non-participants, Miho Hiranouchi and Atsuko Yuma who used both wood and paper medium), Luke Kooper, Paul Kruger, Clarita Liepolt, Larry Scaturro

Plus non-participants in the talk, but the noteworthy artists: Bernette Rudolph used tree branches and Pauline Gallana used tree branch limb.

B) 9 participants from the Paper Medium: Doug Beube, Beatrice Coron, Jaz Graf, Susan Grabel, Judith Eloise Hooper, Emma Anne Johnson, Erin Mathewson, SUPRINA, Ellie Winberg, Despina Zografos.

Plus non-participants in the talk, but noteworthy artists:

1) Eloa Jane Preira: applying the weaving technique, “Macro Mette” to create 3-D works by using cut off colorful magazine pages.
2) Yasuko Okumura: transformed in the 3-D form by using the delicate thin flat Washi (Japanese paper) and Washi thread and Ayako Bando who created 3-D abstract works from Washi paper.

And also the following artists who used the 2 dimensional paper, leaving truthfully the very nature of the flat paper:

1) Linda Butti, watercolor on paper, Risa Glickman, mixed media painting on paper and Ivanov Kaloyan acrylic painting on paper
2) Natalia Kropf: paper collage using the original etching prints and Cecilia Martinez, mixed media paper collage

Soon after the New Years’ festive holiday spirit calms down, we are having an Artists Talk Event in celebration of the very inspiring and successful “Wood & Paper” show on the last day of the show, Sat. Jan. 14, 2023., which is also the Pick-up day. (The show ends at 5pm and the Pick-up starts rom 5-7pm.)

Because many materials artists use for their art-making are basically the products of Mother Earth, including clay, stone, sand, wood, bamboo, plant, flower, metal, glass, paper, fiber, water, oil, ink, even plastic, etc……I decided to present several exhibitions thematically related to the product of Mother Earth. So, we started the fresh fall season with the “Clay and Textile” show (September- October), and this “Wood and Paper” show is our 2nd show in the series.

The show is incredibly fascinating and delightful! The visitors have been responding very positively while spending a longer time to look at each piece, examining every piece very closely. During my gallery sitting hours on Sundays I often gathered the guests in one group to give them a brief explanation about the show, which seemed to have provoked their interest much further. They’ve often questioned the artists’ motivations and the processes to achieve their final products. It is the same curiosity I have myself, wishing to know more about the hidden stories behind their works. So, an artists talk will help us to understand their works better and appreciate them more thoroughly, and hopefully their stories might inspire us in one way or another…

It wasn’t easy for me to choose the participating artists in the talk from many talented artists, but I focused on my main interest in how artists created their works by using these basic ordinary wood and paper materials by transforming them into something unique, something out of the ordinary, resulting in a panorama of optical delight with ideas that perhaps we have never thought of before.

Witnessing the decreasing number of the products of Mother Earth and the increasing number of the world’s population, I am very much interested in finding how artists can express their concern over the current global critical situation in order to sustain the balance between the decreasing supplies and the over-populated world.

This is a challenge we are facing today!

It should be very interesting to hear those artist unique experiences in achieving their final products.

You cannot miss this rare artists talk event!!

Please bring your friends and family!

Looking forward to seen you there.

Much Love always,


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