The Works Acquired in the Yuko Nii Foundation’s Permanent Collection from the Three Consecutive Exhibitions Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Opening Reception: Saturday, December 4, 3-5pm
Show Dates: Saturday, December 4, 2021 – February 12, 2022

Catalog available

104 Artists in the Exhibit:

Gwen Adler, Julianne Ahn, Ellen Alt, Silvia Aviles, Christopher Baker, Ayako Bando, Bienvenido Bones Banez, Jr., Doug Beube, Beryl Brenner, Orin Buck, Clay Burch, Linda Butti, Nan Cao, Pamela Casper, JinYong Choi, Ian Wilson Clyde, Will Coggin, Elena Mishenko Cohen, Charles Compo, Crystal Connors, Beatrice Coron, Alison Cuomo, Jamie Denburg Habie, Theresa DeSalvio, John P. Dessereau, Val Dyshlov, Rita Finnegan, Santiago Flores-Charneco, Sandra Forrest, Ayako Furukawa-Leonart, Nancy Gesimondo, Sandra Giunta, Risa Glickman, Eleanor Goldstein, Glen Goodenough, Richard Hatter, Sachie Hayashi, Jennifer Hecker, Miho Hiranouchi, Kumi Hirose, Judith Eloise Hooper, Susan Jacobs, Emma Anne Johnson, Eileen Kennedy, Hyemi Kim, Keith Jinsub Kim, Julianna Kirk, Sonomi Kobayashi, Yuko K, Oxana Kovalchuk, Frank Krasicki, Eric Kwan Tai Lau, Danielle LaRose, Ella Mackinson, Margarita Marfori, Cecilia Martinez, Janet McDermott, Daniel McDonald, Dorothy McGuiness, Mieko Mitachi, Sarah Miovic, Mauricio Morillas, Rene Murray, Kenichi Nakajima, Nicholas Newcomb, Elaine Norman, Dominyka Obelenyte, Akane Ogura, Yasuko Okumura, Karen Osp Palsdottir, Aston Philip, Regina Bernadette Quinn, Renee Radenberg, Germania Reyes, Scott Roberts, Robin Roi, Cheryl Safren, Hisami Sakamoto, Julie Joy Saypoff, Larry Scaturro, Jessica Schulman, Hanna Shannon, M. Tasneem Shahzad, Leslie Horan Simon, Joel Simpson, Anthony Sivio, Linda Smith, Janine Sopp, Leah Souffrant, Maia Stern, Jos Stumpe, Arden Suydam, Larry Szycher, Rumi Tsuda, Villo Varga, Richard Vivenzio, Michael Washburn, Jeff Watts, Mary Westring, Ellie Winberg, Fumio Yamaguchi, Atsuko Mu Yuma, Pamela Zave, Kasia Zure-Doule

We all experienced this markedly darkest human history worldwide over the last over one and one half years. But the WAH Center has kept our torch of art & hope brightly lit continuously without let up to uplift our spirits. We did this by having three consecutive exhibitions, “Lockdown” (Nov. 7, 2020 – Jan. 17, 2021), “Togetherness & Oneness” (May 22 – July 10, 2021), and “America The Beautiful” ( Sept, 18 – Nov. 13, 2021) without a moment of pause. The numerous artists who participated in the Open Call Juried shows revealed their own life stories in various mediums. The Yuko Nii Foundations purchased quite a few works from each show. Due to the limited gallery space, we cannot exhibit all of the works in this part of the collection. However we have selected over 100 artworks and made sure that at least one piece from each artist from the three shows will be exhibited. The total show is a rich magnificent tapestry, a storytelling historical record of the past COVID 19 pandemic period.

Video from the opening reception by Glen Goodenough

More Photos and Videos

1) Opening Reception Scenes on 12.4, 2021, photos taken by Tasneem Shahzad:
2) Opening Reception on 12.4 2021, video taken by Terrance Lindall 
3) Panorama  Installation Scenes, photos by Joel Simpson:
4) Installation Scenes, photos taken by Yuko Nii:

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