Japanese Tea Ceremony

Tea Master Yoshitsugu Nagano
 Saturday, December 7, 3-5 pm 

Special event for “New Japanese Horizon: The WAH Center’s 23rd Anniversary Year “Nii-san Anniversary Year”

TEA MASTER Yoshitsugu Nagano will have a tea ceremony on a tatami mat in front of artwork. Yoshitsugu Nagano has chosen to do this because while so much of Hiroshima’s material world was destroyed by the atomic bomb, the spirituality of the tea ceremony, that was established in Hiroshima 400 years ago, still continues in uninterrupted fashion to this day. By displaying this meditative and contemplative ceremony in contrast with what has been happening all over the world today he believes the guests will more deeply feel and think about the asymmetrical themes that are presented in this manner: spirit and substance/loss and continuation/destruction and creation. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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