Now: Press Play

Curated by Glen Adamson

Friday, April 12th – Saturday, May 4th

Opening Reception:  Friday, April 12th, 5 – 7pm


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Jessica Gaddis, Second Door, Porcelain, Screen, Steel stick Audio Boxes

The WAH Center (Williamsburg Art and Historical Center) is pleased to host Now: Press Play, an exhibition of works by SUNY New Paltz MFA and Alumni. Celebrating the long-standing spirit of New Paltz’s passionate creation of radical aesthetics and critical crafts, this show is curated by Glenn Adamson, Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art.
I’m an unapologetic advocate for craft […] and my selection here includes artists who work vigorously into and through their materials, whether conventional (clay, wood, metal, fiber) or otherwise. In dialogue with this assertive materiality, there is a noticeable emphasis on narrative, often caught in a moment of arrested development. Quite a few works in the show strike me as ideal props for films still unwritten.” Glenn Adamson
Participating Artists (Graduation Year):
Sylvie Alusitz (2019), Julia Arvay (2019), Geoffrey Booras (2013), Emily Brownawell  (2019), Hyein Cho (2017), Min Jae Eom (2020), Reed Fagan (2016), Mary Beth Fiorentino (2018), Jessica Gaddis (2018), Stefan Gougherty (2020), Bryan Hale (2019), Tamar Hedges (2019), Amanda Heidel (2019), John Huckins (2014), Julianne Hunter (2017), Karen Jaimes (2020), Benjamin Kellogg (2018), Bora Kim (2019), Geuryung Lee (2019), Betsy Lewis (2019), Ruizhi Li (2019), Katy Itter (2015), Lydia Martin (2017), Megumi Naganoma (2019), Emily Nomer (2017), Michal Ozeri (2017), Sariah Park (2020), MengNan Qu (2015), Jennifer O’Connell Reid (2018), Heather Rosenbach (2019), Nick Rouke (2020), Jolynn Santiago (2019), Andrew Sartorius (2019), Jamie Scherzer (2020), Sharon Strauss (2019), Bruce Wahl (2020), Kehan Wan (2020), Hannah Ward (2018), Xuewu Zheng (2020)

Opening Reception Images, 4.12.19

By Raul Valverde

Installation Scenes

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