See You Again, Orin Buck

Paintings, Videos, Photographs and Drawings

May 19 – June 10, 2018

Special Closing Event: Music by Tintinnabulation and Special Guests, Sunday June 10, 4pm
featuring Sanae Maeda Buck

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See You Again - art by Orin Buck

As longtime WAH Salon Member and Volunteer Orin Buck and Volunteer Sanae Maeda Buck prepare to leave New York, please join us as we celebrate Orin’s art across a wide variety of mediums. An Ann Arbor MI native and New York City resident, Orin works in visual, audio and computer arts. He is mostly self-trained in painting, photography, videography, computer programming and music. Since moving to New York he has been involved in the Internet as a web designer and producer, a happy combination of his interests in hypertexts, publishing, visual design, and computer and video technologies. In his freelance business he also practices videography, photography, and audio engineering. He played bass in New York rock band Fist of Kindness.

Orin’s paintings and drawings reference landscape, life forms, geometry and forces of nature and the universe. In one aspect the paintings explore a dimension where colors are characters playing out their own dramas on the stage of modern traditions of painting. In another the paintings and drawings are like little songs, compositions where shapes and colors are like chords and notes, and backgrounds are like the air created behind the melodies with elements like rhythm, orchestration, and reverb. He tries to preserve the energy of the gesture and the beauty of the paint while finding “significant form” and the mysterious space beyond the surface. His video art and computer art is influenced by experimental avant-garde film, and also by the twentieth century painting and photography tradition, and utilizes techniques such as algorithmic composition, slow motion, layering and point symmetry. Orin’s photography is related to these concerns, but is also an efficient vehicle for his love of visual beauty in the world.

Tintinnabulation is
Sanae Maeda Buck (voice/performance)
Toki Ozaki (voice, guitar, keyboards)
Sei Koizumi (guitar, percussion)
Natsuko Oyama (percussion, voice)
Orin Buck (bass guitar)

Opening & Closing events

See You Again-installation2

See You Again-installation1

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