Review of “PRESS:PAUSE” Show

by Germania Reyes

Press:Pause at the WAH Center, April 8 – April 16, 2017

As I entered the WAH Center I felt a vibrant atmosphere, it was the voices of our new group of professional artists from a SUNY New Paltz’s graduated MFA program. The exhibition reflects the students time and place of living; it was a clear view of a today’s young professionals voices that are graduating in a time where inspiration may not be the most pleasant search of all. As I walked around to the open gallery of the WAH Center, my eyes traveled across the room, and I noticed the work of Maureen McCourti “Untitled mourning.” I instantly felt the need of joining the four girls sitting down and start tying ribbons with them, what a beautiful and elegant way to make a call to the society on a sensitive subject like the devastating violence and deaths our country face daily. As I continue across the gallery, I noticed a cute little red box that reminds me of the London Phone Booths just to later found out the beautiful purpose of this artist’s art. Ana Gallira “Postcards” invites viewers to fill out a postcard and insert it into the slot she promises to mail them at the end of the exhibition, what a clever idea I thought, what a simple way to remind individuals how much we need one another to succeed in life and personal challenges. I enjoy every piece in this exhibit, every piece touched me, and I clearly understood the voices of each artist, I congratulate and wish the best to every one of these artists. I will look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

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