The Yuko Nii Retrospective Part One


November 5, 2016 – January 11, 2017

Part Two: Stone Paintings, Drawings and Writings

Talk by the curator Terrance Lindall: THE ART OF YUKO NII, HER LIFE AND TIMES, Sunday December 11th @ 2 PM. 


Giclee prints available

“Without a doubt, Yuko Nii is a great transformational leader, comparable to other great leaders through the ages, and someone who has achieved a place of high stature for all time. No one has devoted his or her life, artistic talents and skills and keen judgment to the community more fully than Yuko Nii as she brought life to her art center, the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (WAH Center).” Terrance Lindall

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the WAH Center  

Saturday, November 5th, 2016, 4-8 PM

4–6 PM, Opening Reception “Dune” series with delicious appetizers and drinks
6:15–7:45 PM, Performances in the 3rd floor theater

Admission $30 – Buy tickets here: 

Performances "Deux en Rouge"  Choreographed by Yana Schnitzler of Human Kinetic Movement   Dance "Dancing Shiva" By Shoko Tamai  "Faraway"  By Satoshi Haga & Rie Fukuzawa of Binbin Factory,   "ASTARA"  Choreographed by Robin Cantrell of Indelible Dance  Theater: "Bulb"  Book and music by Peter Dizozza  Directed and choreographed by Tyr Throne
Performances “Deux en Rouge”  Choreographed by Yana Schnitzler of Human Kinetic Movement 
Dance “Dancing Shiva” By Shoko Tamai
“Faraway”  By Satoshi Haga & Rie Fukuzawa of Binbin Factory
“ASTARA”  Choreographed by Robin Cantrell of Indelible Dance
Theater: “Bulb”  Book and music by Peter Dizozza  Directed and choreographed by Tyr Throne

This event is not only to celebrate our 20th year, but is also a fundraiser to enable the continuation of the restoration of the magnificent landmarked building, the home of the WAH that continues to need extensive repairs and upgrades. With your kind support the WAH Center can continue to provide a welcome space for artistic expression far into the future.

We are a unique art organization, quite different from many other institutions in that we function with a small number of very capable volunteers with no active board members. With you kind cooperation and kind help and ask that you invite your friends and family in order to celebrate with us and to meet our goal of raising money to enable us to continue the restoration of our building.

Special video production

Video from opening reception “Dune” series: Saturday, November 5th, 2016, 4–6 PM


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