17th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show

Coordinated by Richard Sanchez, Curated by Yuko Nii, Intern Jonathan Judd

Show Dates: January 30 – February 21, 2016

Opening Saturday, January 30, 4 – 6 pm

17th WAH Salon Art Show

Participating Artists:
Kayo Albert, Ayako Bando, Carole Barlowe, Bienvenido Banez, Robert Bassal, Tomek Bogacki, Benjamin Bohnsack, Beryl Brenner, Orin Buck, Linda Butti, Jiian Chapoteau, Leandro Comrie, Laura Conliffe, Cedric Michael Cox, Theresa DeSalvio, Ilana Dodelson, Val Dyshlov, James Early, Jaleh Fazel, Santiago Flores, Sandra Forrest, Carmen Frank, Debra Friedkin, Jeffrey Friedkin, Naoaki Funayama, Glen Goodenough, Richard Hatter, Natsuko Hattori, Christine Herman, Iku Higuchi, Halona Hilbertz, Susan Jacobs, Cornelia Jensen, Sam Jungkurth, Yuko K. Theresa Kasun, Mildred Kaye, Fumiko Kashiwagi, Helmut Krackie, Frank Krasicki, Eric Kwan Tai Lau, Terrance Lindall, Drew Maillard, Margo Mead, Gail Mitchell, Kenichi Nakajima, Yasuaki Okamoto, Carmen Porfido, Jennifer Primosch, Tina Psoinos, Renee Radenberg, Cheryl Safren, Debora Salomon, Larry Scaturro, Gloria Schuster, Evan Schwartz, Tasneem Shahzad, Denise Shaw, Sachi Shimoda, Joel Simpson, Linda Smith, Suprina, Larry Szycher, Agnieszka Szyfter, Michael Uffer, Keaton Vanderwerff, Jania Vanderwerff, Courtney Lee Weida, Yookan Westfield, Mary Westring

17th Annual WAH Salon Pot Luck Dinner. 2.21.16, organized by Mary Westring
PHOTOS: 17th Annual WAH Salon Pot Luck Dinner. 2.21.16, organized by Mary Westring

Special Lecture and Presentation Sunday February 21, 4 P.M.
Terrance Lindall Talks About His Illustration Career in The Golden Age of Horror Comics

Preceded by the incomparable satanic rhapsody of Bienvenido Bones Banez!


Terry Lindall classic comic covers

“l illustrated for some of the most outstanding science fiction, fantasy and comic magazine writers of the 20th century. The writers were winners of Hugo Awards,  Bram Stoker Awards, Nebula Awards, and more. These writers wrote for Star Trek, Star Wars and other iconic popular cultural creations. Ted White, who wrote a story especially for me, was the editor for Heavy Metal Magazine, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and  Amazing Stories.

“At the time it all seemed normal. Looking back, I realize that I was in an illustrators heaven, even though I had many more byways to search in philosophy, collecting, institution building etc.. In the catalog you can also see what Archie Goodwin’s manuscript looked like. A sparse little gem. I kept a copy of it.”  — Terrance Lindall

 Catalog 30pp, $20, $30 signed by Terrance Lindall 

Preview: Works by participating artists — not the works included in the show, so come to see their actual submissions!

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