Queer WAH: Contemporary LGTBQ Artists


Friday, October 9th- Sunday, November 1st, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, October 9th, 6-9pm 

Curated by Richard Sanchez

From Left to Right: Richard Hatter, Elisabeth Jacobson, JD Raenbeau


As LGBTQ rights have progressed monumentally in the past few years, culminating with the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide this past June, we look to the artistic responses to and celebrations of these progressive moments in our history.The WAH Center (Williamsburg Art and Historical Center) will be presenting Queer WAH: Contemporary LGTBQ Artists. Here, the work of an exciting group of artists that inhabit all areas of the queer spectrum, whether they identify as gay/lesbian, transgender, intersex, or non-normative, will be on display in an exhibition aimed at examining and celebrating the contributions of queer artists to the contemporary art landscape.

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From Left to Right: John Hanning, Jon Paradiso, Jo Ann Block, Sahn Brian Tran
Jo Ann Block, Leandro Comrie, Nicholas Contrera, Marc Dessauvage, Jaime Ford, Mitchell Goldberg, Rodolfo Graziano, John Hanning, Richard Hatter, Elisabeth Jacobson, David Kube, Rose Materdomini, Liam Robert McDonald, Lauren Packard, John Thomas Paradiso, Erik Patton, Benjamin Peterson,  Carmen Porfido, JD Raenbeau, Gavriela Rosenberg, Richard Sanchez, Jamison Sarteschi, Charles Snyder, Michael Stablein, Jr., Barry Steely, Sanh Brian Tran, Joshua Weeks, Quay Quinn Wolf, Lindsey Wolkawicz
From Left to Right:  Benjamin Peterson, Dave Kube, Erik Patton

Opening Video (with some interviews)


Queer WAH: Installation Crew Membwes on Oct. 4, 2015 photos taken by Yuko Nii
Queer WAH: Opening Photos by Tasneem Shahzad on Oct. 9, 2015

Queer WAH: Curated by Richard Sanchez, Opening Scenes photos taken by Yuko Nii, oct. 9.15

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