WAH Bridges Self

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Friday, May 8th – Sunday May 17th, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, May 8th, 6-9pm


*Silent Auction: “Small Works Under $200”
Until May 17th, 6pm

Special Event:
Saturday May 9th, 2015 3pm
Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra
Plus, Premiere of MARIANA TRENCH

About WAH Bridges Self:

Larry Scaturro


Glen Goodenough


Michelle Avery Konczyk


Bienvenido Banez Jr.

Rachel Heinold

Rachel Heinold

Jana Charl

Jana Charl

Natsuko Hattori

Natsuko Hattori


Amanda Scotto


Jeff Watts


Mary Westring


Eleanor Adams


Ayako Bando




Kenichi Nakajima


Annette Jaret


Katsura Okada


Haechang Sun


Val Dyslov


Susan Jacobs

WAH Bridges Self is a multi-media group exhibition dedicated to presenting the work of artists seeking to express, define, and complicate the notion of self-expression. Based on the Bridge Concept envisioned by WAH Center Founder & Artistic Director, Yuko Nii, the aim is to create a bridge between the WAH Center and the chosen artists’ self-expression, and through the works shown, to create a bridge between the artists themselves. These works explore the myriad ways in which artists use their work to express interiority and the methods through which they define and represent themselves. WAH Bridges Self is an open deliberation considering the nature of how we use art to represent ourselves and how creative process defines or shapes our self-perception.

Participating Artists:
Jacob Ackerson, Eleanor Adam, Kayo Albert, Ayako Bando, Helene Berson, Benjamin Bohnsack, Bienvenido Bones Banez Jr., Jana Charl, Cecilia Charlton, JF Cook, Daniel Crews, Valeriy Dyshlov, Julie Eisenberg Pittman, Marcella Ernest, Mary Fagan, Naoaki Funyayama, Glen Goodenough, Mikhail Gubin, Haechang Sun, Susan Handewerker, Natsuko Hattori, Rachel Heinold, Iku Higuchi, Che Min Hsiao, Susan Jacobs, Annette Jaret, Cornelia Jensen, Yuko K, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Frank Krasicki, Gudrun Latten, Imara Moore, Wendy Moss, Kenichi Nakajima, Soumya Netrabile, Sara Nili, Katsura Okada, Yasuaki Okamoto, Lauren Packard, Cathleen Parra, Bruno Perillo, Donna Powers, Tina Psoinos, Nancy Raen-Mendez, Bryan Reedy, Sweet Samson, Larry Scaturro, Amanda Scotto, Tingleguts, Hui Tsai, Jania Vanderwerff, Jeff Watts, Joshua Weeks, Aneta Wegrzyn, Yookan Westfield, Mary Westring
Plus “Silent Auction- Small Works less than $200,” in the Small Gallery

We have offered accepted artists an opportunity to sell works in a silent auction in the small gallery. The Silent Auction is a fantastic opportunity for collectors to but affordably priced, smaller works from the artists shown in the main gallery.

Photos from the opening

Photos by Peter Boyle
by Peter Boyle

photos by WAH Center
by Yuko Nii

Installation photos
Installation photos by Yuko Nii

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