Open Call: WAH Bridges Self


Open Call Opportunity, plus Silent Auction!

Show Dates: Friday, May 8th – Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Deadline to Submit: Sunday, April 26th


Art has always been used as a form of personal expression. In the next show at the WAH Center (Williamsburg Art and Historical Center), we will explore the myriad ways in which artists use their work to express interiority and the methods through which they define and represent themselves. How do we navigate the junction between artist, expression, and creative process? What statements do an artists chosen medium or genre make? How does art help “bridge” the divide between the internal and external self? How do we seek to express ourselves through the artistic process? WAH Bridges Self is meant to be an open prompt to consider the nature of how we use art to represent ourselves and how creative process defines or shapes our self-perception.

The WAH Center presents WAH Bridges Self – a multi-media group exhibition dedicated to presenting the work of artists seeking to express, define, and complicate the notion of self-expression. Based on the Bridge Concept envisioned by WAH Center Founder & Artistic Director, Yuko Nii, the aim is to create a bridge between the WAH Center and the chosen artists’ self-expression, and through this show, to create a bridge between the artists shown. Artists are encouraged to submit artworks in the medium of their choosing. Please choose work(s) that you consider most effective in presenting who you are as an artist. Are you exploring a particular theme? What medium do you feel is most suitable for your need? Have you created a style of your own, or have you adopted/adapted a signature style?

Plus- “Silent Auction- Small Works less than $200,” in the Small Gallery

We will be offering accepted artists an opportunity to sell works in a silent auction in the small gallery. The Silent Auction is a fantastic opportunity for artists to sell affordably priced, smaller works.  To participate in the Silent Auction, submit Silent Auction portion of then entry form along with the original application. Please note that all other entry materials are required for your submission to be considered.


How to Apply:

Deadline: Sunday, April 26th

Submission Fee: $20 for one artwork submission, $5 for each additional submission. Limit 3 submissions. (Student Rate: $15 for first submission, $5 for each additional submission. Must submit valid student ID and current course schedule to receive discounted rate.) Can be paid by cash or check (payable to WAH Center: 135 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211).

Submissions must be sent via e-mail to: and must include the following information:

• A completed entry form (please see below)
• Image files (jpeg, png, or tiff files, at least 72 dpi) of artwork submissions titled with the appropriate information as follows: “ArtistName_Submission#_ArtworkTitle”
• Please note: High-resolution files may be shared via Google Docs
• Artist statement (limit 1 page), CV (limit 2 pages), and a brief biography paragraph. All Documents should include your name at the top.
• Note of how submission fee has been/will be paid. Please note that we only accept cash or check for submission entry fees.
Submissions will not be considered until all of the above has been received.
Please direct any questions or concerns to Richard Sanchez by calling 718-486-7372 or e-mailing

Entry Forms: WAHBridgesSelf+SilentAuction

Instructions for Accepted Works: InstructionDetails_Accepted Works



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