Dinner with the Devil

            September 19, 2014 the WAH Center hosted the “Dinner with the Devil” celebrating the New Gold Folio and The Satanic Verses, collaborated works by Bienvenido “Bones” Banez Jr. andc The night’s event was intimate and enlightening. Banez assured the circle who were there for the night that it was not about the strength in numbers, but the strength in spirit. Banez pointed out that “the spirit of Satan” was in the hall of the WAH Center for dinner.

            The reception and dinner was blessed by the sounds of Julianne Klopotic, a colleague of Kolpotic and colleagues of the WAH Center. Epic sounds from violin, chello, and piano by Banez. Julianne Klopotic and her colleague flawlessly preformed French compositions, and a young cellist skillfully played dark compositions from Bach. Banez himself executed his genius preforming his Satanic Rhapsody, an explosion of musical keys into the wind.

            The night of focused on intimacy, talent, and the message of by Bienvenido “Bones” Banez Jr. and Terrance Lindall. The night focused on understanding the thread of Satan being in the halls, and in everyday life as explained by Lindall as he read lines from The Satanic Verses.  This thread of Satan’s presents awakened when the musical guest, Julianne Klopotic and colleagues, including Peter Dizozza who had taken the piano improve a musical collaboration live. “Dinner with the Devil” was a curious night only can be reported as,  you just had to be there.   


Hubert Silva, Contributing Writer to the WAH Center Blog.

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