18th Annual WAH Salon

The 18th Annual Salon Show was one of the biggest and busiest for the WAH Center. It features 60 artists and over 100 pieces of artwork, ranging from paintings, photographs, sculptures and more. I think one of the important things to recognize about this show is how it brings all these different artists, and their expression, together in this museum by the bridge.

Installation View

There is an immense sense of fun and excitement in the atmosphere of the gallery.   Curator, Yuko Nii and WAH Salon Coordinator, Richard Sanchez filled the space with creations from members of the WAH community. Anyone walking into the gallery would immediately be able to see the extraordinary diversity and talent showcased.

Installation View

Every piece varies in shape, structure, and size. One of the largest pieces comes from Iku Higuchi, titled “Sweet Rain.” The piece was painted entirely using hands, not brushes. It was based on Nakayama Miki’s “Kanro,” a story of peace and happiness, and the bowl to catch the God of Nature’s gift of rain.


Left: Iku Higuchi, “Sweet Rain” Right: Debra Friedkin, “Out for a Stroll”

On the other spectrum, juxtaposed placed directly in front of “Sweet Rain,” is the sculpture by Debra Friedkin, titled, “Out for a Stroll.” I like to compare these two, not only on size but also because Higuchi’s seems to be based on a story, while, looking at Friedkin’s, you can create your own narrative.

Mary Westring, “Making Music”

Similarly, one of the pieces that pops up directly in the middle of the large gallery is this clay sculpture by Mary Westring. It is called “Making Music” and the details are fascinating to see.

Many of the artists featured are incredibly innovative in their work. All the artists come from different backgrounds and different levels of experience, which is a reason why coming to this gallery is such a great and special experience.