15th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show

Saturday, January 25 – Sunday, February 23, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 25, 4–6 pm

Coordinated by Mary Westring, Curated by Yuko Nii

Gallery Hours: Fri - Mon, 12 noon to 6:00 PM (except on the opening day, Sat. Jan 25, 4 – 6 PM)

Participants in the
15th Annual Salon Show:

Absher, Eleanor Caroline
Auslender, Stephen
Banez, Bien “Bonez”
Barlowe, Carole
Bassal, Robert
Bogacki, Tomek
Bohnsack, Benjamin
Buck, Orin
Conliffe, Laura
Cox, Cedric Michael
Dornstein, Rosalie
Dyshlov, Val
Flueckiger, Carol
Forrest, Sandra
Frank, Carmen
Funayama, Naoki
Gillman, Irene
Given, Monique
Gosden, Margaret
Hatter, Richard W.
Hattori, Natsuko
Herman, Christine
Hilbertz, Halona
Hooper, Tom
Horvat, Sarah
Jacobs, Susan
Jungkurth, Sam
Kaye, Mildred
Kenney, Suprina
Kim, Ikkyu
Kiyokawa, Itsuko
Koehler, Pamela
K., Yuko
Krasicki, Frank
Kropf, Natalia Koren
Tai-Lau, Eric Kwan
Levy, Estelle
Lindall, Terrance
Mcwhorter, Jack
Maillard, Drew
Mandelbaum, Ellen
Mead, Margo
Mitchell, Gail
Mosley, Walter
Porfido, Carmen
Primosch, Jennifer
Psoinos, Tina
Radenberg, Renee
Russell, Laurie
Safren, Cheryl
Salstrom, Mary
Satryan, Mira
Saypoff, Julie Joy
Scaturro, Larry
Schneider, Tom
Schuster, Gloria
Shahzad, Tasneem
Simpson, Joel
Simon, Brad
Smith, Linda
Szycher, Larry
Szyfter, Agnieszka
Toparian. Alice
Tufail, Muhammad
Vanderwerff, Jania
Watts, Jeff
Weida, Courtney Lee
Weingrod, James
Westfield, Yookan
Westring, Mary

preview photo
15th WAH Salon" Opening Scenes, by Tasneem Shahzad
preview photo
15th WAH Salon" Installation Scenes by Yuko Nii
preview photo
15th WAH Salon" Opening Scenes taken by Bien Banez

This year, for the website, some artists have provided samples of their work which are not in the show. To see their submissions, please come to the actual show!

Click on the links and the images to view.

15th Annual Williamsburg Salon Art Club Show

Bioscaffold 3

Bioscaffold 3

by Cherl Safren

chemistry on copper

36" x 36"

One of eight panels commissioned by the State of Utah and installed in Dec. 2011.