March 17th thru August 17th, 2014

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Book Release

Friday March 7th, 2014, 5:30-6: 30 PM

THE SATANIC VERSES Of Bones Banez As Revealed toTerrance Lindall, In Ten Books, Edited with Introduction by Dr. Horace Jeffery Hodges, Magnificently Illustrated By Bienvenido Bones Banez jr.

First Viewing of Terrance Lindall's New Paradise Lost print series


“WAH Bridges Bushwick” Exhibition Catalogue

Ready to Preorder $40
"WAH Bridges Bushwick" is a beautiful 62-page, full color catalogue in which each artist has their own page with an image of their artwork that was included in the show along with their artist bio/statement. The merit of having works included in the catalogue helps for further developing the artist's career and this publication is also a permanent record of Bushwick and how it is currently one of the biggest and thriving artist communities possibly in the world!

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in purchasing the catalogue please make a down payment of at least $20 (per catalogue ordered) to ensure your catalogue copy will be printed, to the WAH Center's Paypal account ("pay" to Please include full name and contact information. All remaining balances must be paid upon receipt of the catalogue.

WAH Salon Art Club Members

A One-Person Juried Show at Cadaqués Restaurant

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WAH Center Blog

“The Williamsburg Scene” by WAH Center Intern Millie Prince

Posted on Wednesday March 12, 2014

“The Williamsburg Scene” by WAH Center Intern Millie Prince

Arts in Bushwick’s Blog Coverage on “WAH Bridges Bushwick”

Posted on Thursday January 09, 2014

“As my feet carry me around the room, themes begin to emerge. Textures abound, a mix of media and material that reflect the experimental nature of the world from which they were created: Bushwick. Bushwick, a world of color and … Continue reading

The WAH Center’s Sept. 2013 Exhibition: “The Animals Look Back at Us” Interview with Curator Sara Lynn Henry

Posted on Friday December 27, 2013

Curator Sara Lynn Henry alongside some of the exhibition’s artwork. Article written by Brittany Natale    When one lives primarily in New York City there may be less of an opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of animals … Continue reading

“Atmospheric Pressure” Artist Julia Sinelnikova Takes Her Art Abroad

Posted on Wednesday July 24, 2013

This has been one very busy year for “Atmospheric Pressure” artist Julia Sinelnikova. After graduating college this past May, curating multiple gallery shows, and co-organizing Arts in Bushwick events (such as Bushwick Open Studios), Julia was finally able to relax … Continue reading

“Toxicity” Artist: Greg Leshe’s Kaleidoscope Perspective

Posted on Wednesday June 26, 2013

Looking at Greg Leshe’s photographs are like peeking into a private scene, playing the outsider that is looking in. His works allow the viewer to take a glimpse at the unordinary – what lies beyond the exterior and is hidden … Continue reading

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